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The desperate cry of a healer

Updated on July 4, 2011

Over the past
couple of years
I’ve been fighting the poison
and the fear

By informing the people
who I meet
about the system
and what they eat

I come with facts
figures and all
yet they don’t hear me
they carry on

And then when they
loose a child
to a brain tumour
they wonder why

The aspartame
that they freely gave
is what truly dug
their children’s grave

So please don’t listen
to what I say
just buy that squash
and drink it away

Go ahead
please pass it around
so you can poison
half the town

Ignorance is bliss
is what they used to say
but the meaning of that saying
is a different one today

For if you stay ignorant
you’re committing a crime
of poisoning your loved ones
one at a time



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    • LadyFae profile image

      LadyFae 6 years ago from Under the Stars

      Thank you very much Eiddwen.

    • Eiddwen profile image

      Eiddwen 6 years ago from Wales

      A reaaly good poem and here's to amny more.

    • LadyFae profile image

      LadyFae 6 years ago from Under the Stars

      Dear Leptirela, thank you very much!!!

    • Leptirela profile image

      Leptirela 6 years ago from I don't know half the time

      Most people are ignorant especially when it comes to the health issues etc...You did great ! Vote up and awesome :)

    • LadyFae profile image

      LadyFae 6 years ago from Under the Stars

      Hi moderndayslave. Thank you for your response. And I will keep trying to get through to them somehow. I wonder how people like Mr. Rumsfeld sleep at night. How can people that participate in genocide live with themselves. Anyway, if he can't sleep he'll prob pop a few pills, he's got enough money to buy them lol.

      Stay safe and healthy!!!

    • LadyFae profile image

      LadyFae 6 years ago from Under the Stars

      Juliannkristine, thank you.

    • LadyFae profile image

      LadyFae 6 years ago from Under the Stars

      Dear Pan1974. Unfortunately you are so very right. The system has indeed been able to hypnotyze the majority of the people and it breaks my heart.

      Love, hugs and stay safe and healthy!!!

    • Moderndayslave profile image

      Moderndayslave 6 years ago

      Great hub,not too many people listen to me so maybe you will convert at least one person. Aspertame apparently turns into formaldehyde when warmed to above 90 degrees and the human body is 98.6. Before Donald Rumsfeld got the FDA to allow it's use in food products,the FDA had Aspertame listed as a Carcinogen.Rumor has it that Mr. Rumsfeld was compensated 1 million a year for 10 years for his service.Gotta love it.

    • juliannekristine profile image

      juliannekristine 6 years ago from Philippines

      Awesome poem. Science and creativity on one... that's new!

    • pan1974 profile image

      April 6 years ago from Columbus,Ga

      some people are set in their ways and are ignorant. When I tell people about certain foods, I hear comments like,"well we all got to die sometime, or well everything else is killing us." I think people are so hyptnotised by this system, and are used to being guinea pigs, and their thought prccess isn't theirs anymore. When I buy yogurt, its all in the yogurts when you read the labels, the only yogurt it is not in is greek yogurt.

    • LadyFae profile image

      LadyFae 6 years ago from Under the Stars

      I wrote this poem because of all the people that I warned about aspartame. A few actually believe me and cast the poison aside but unfortunately there are many who look at me and say: “That is terrible!!!” Then turn around, go shopping, even check the labels to find out that if what I’m saying is true and then buy the stuff because they have to drink something. Only yesterday this happened.

      The woman I am speaking of has a 4 year old son. When I saw what she gave him I immediately warned her. A few days later she went to the supermarket, checked the labels and what do you know. She bought 3 bottles of poisoned squash. And why? “ They have to drink something”, were her exact ignorant words.

      About 1.5 decade ago my oldest son had a best friend. Guido was his name. They were inseparable.

      Guido was a healthy young boy full of life who wanted to become a camera man like his father. Unfortunately he never grew up to become one. He wasn’t killed in a car accident, or any other accident for that matter. Guido, at the age of 13, had developed a brain tumour. So Guido ended up in a wheel chair and in 3 months time he died of the brain tumour. We were all very upset to say the least.

      A few years later I found out about aspartame and I immediately checked all the products that were sold that contained it. And much to my horror I saw a lot of products that Guido used to drink and eat on a daily base that contained aspartame. My boy’s best friend was killed by that poison. His parents had no knowledge of the effects of aspartame. They didn’t even know it existed.

      As I’m writing this down, tears run down my face.