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The diaries of TINY

Updated on June 27, 2011

this was inspired by my cats so i think i am taking the train to crazyVILLEEEEEEE

The Diaries of Tiny:

She looked at me with her eyes, almost drowning in tears as she sat on that plastic chair of hers and said, “Tiny I do pray that god would send us some money. Not for me, or the hunger, or for food. I just pray to god that we would be less hard up this month. I just pray to god that this will happen so I will never see you hungry again, moaning in the sun for food.

Her eyes were sincere full with tears and yet I knew that she meant it from the bottom of her heart. Mother had once told me that the family that adopted me when I was a kitten never was that hard up. In the past, mother told me they used to have three meals a day, and the family would always put aside part of each meal for us. They simply had us fed as often as they did. Yet mother said that things changed, and as life played its violin lives have been turned upside down. And though their children were young, the youngest was 14, their faces never showed a smile.

“It is not easy living in Lebanon, not even for the animals” the owner of Tiny said.”Life simply doesn’t go any easier on the animals”, she said pointing at Tiny who sat their in the sun wait for her meal. Looking at her owners Tiny just raised its head met their sorrowful eyes and simply let her head down. Sure it was hard for the people especially her owners, since life didn’t play fair and they barely had enough for their own hunger, yet they always tried to share whatever they had with them. In deed Tiny knew that some food was disgusting, for cats simply didn’t eat vegetables or soup, yet living under those hard circumstances, Tiny knew that if humans couldn’t be picky with what they ate, surely enough animals or pets couldn’t as well. So Tiny sat under the vine tree sniffing the food that was being cooked by the neighbors hoping that she shared that luxury with them. Then again she looked at her owners through the glass door though barely living they were happy and contented with what they had, simply food, nothing to stuff themselves with, but at least they found peace.

The 14 year old approached Tiny with that look on his face wanting to touch Tiny. Tiny didn’t really fear him but the feeling of his rough skin on hers always made her heart jump. For once she didn’t run away, and for once she approached him granting him the permission for the first time to strike her fur. She was hungry and so was he, but he did smile for the first time after playing with her fur. Tiny looked up and locked her eyes on his, and simply felt the warmth of being held. “It is hard for the humans as well as the animals”, she said, “but there exists some warmth and peace within the eyes of the underprivileged, there exists harmony”.


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    • Uriel profile image

      Uriel 6 years ago from Lebanon

      well those are hisagi's kids, both are males i guess Tiny's pics weren't uploaded though :( btw dragza had three litters and one has green eyes :D:D

      Sometimes they can be a handful, but most of the times they are simply kawaii :D [not counting the time when they are hungry, grumpy, or simply in a bad mood]

    • Nikkij504gurl profile image

      Nikki Wicked 6 years ago from Louisiana

      Aww is that your kitty? she or he? is adorable! awwww I miss when my kitty was that cute lol shes a bit older now and evil i tell ya lol though she is still very cute and i love her. no matter how bad she is, shes not that bad. most pets are just like their owner anyway lol. this is really good, glad you got inspired to write it, haha from a cats point of view!