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The diary of a nutcase :D

Updated on June 6, 2009

Dear Diary,

If you care to hear about my day then be my guest. But since I feel you can’t help but ask about it then I guess you will laugh your ass off the chair that is if you have one after hearing about my day. Well, as a starting I guess I had too much sugar today and that means I have lots of extra energy that I simply had to let out. Today was like an ordinary day, yet it started with me waking up at 6:3o (like the usual thing) brushing my teeth and doing the usual stuff. 6:45 Reminder bus comes at seven and I am still searching for my pink shirt (this is Part of the Uniform that my friends and I substituted with a nice black shirt and a black pants with white sneakers). This time, we were going to be expelled for not wearing it, so I decided “What the hell, desperate situations demand measures. Anyhow, I spent like twenty minutes searching for the not-cute, not cool Pink shit. Oh trust me that made my day a lot better. I finished my dressing up and doing all what girls do in like five minutes. I guess that is a world record for a girl.

The bus came at seven exactly and I was half asleep as I rode it. First period was all about philosophy and for the first time I really enjoyed it though I kept on yawning. The day went smooth. Or I guess it didn’t.

It was Thursday and that meant Shit will happen. (Well crap always happens on Thursday, and if you people read my other hub –some piece of chalk hit the head of the principal- you would know that It was a Thursday too..)Regardless to all we had lots of free periods since we finished the curriculum of grade 11 and started with that of grade 12 (or bac II in French system). My friends and I decided to get artistic. And trust me when I say Artistic, (LOL) we were getting pretty good with the Art of destruction.
For the record we were only four in class since one of our fellows was absent. The game started with wet tissues being thrown at the ceiling. The tissues stuck amazingly. It got a little out of control when my fellow friends stole some Lipton teabags and stuck them on the ceiling. Even Michael Angelo wouldn’t draw like that. It was a glorious moment not for me but for the others. I seemed the sane one in that nut-room. And though it was funny I had to act like the grown up and force each of my classmates, like a mother would do, to clean the whole mess up. Tea scattered over the walls and brown marks testified that a recent batter has taken place. It was funny but people some one had to take control and bring things back to normal. Eventually things went back to normal but again I had lots of memories engraved since this seems to be my last year in this school.

Anyhow, usually people write on their diary, but now all I do is write on hubpages and nothing else. I hope you can share your nutty experiences as well.


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    • Uriel profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Lebanon

      Fun me.. yeh lots of that factor when things go smoooooth on me... I am a pretty cool and talkative person so don't worry , i always find something to say or laugh about! Thanks for stopping by and Live on!!

    • Cris A profile image

      Cris A 

      9 years ago from Manila, Philippines

      Hey Uriel this was a fun read - I knew you also have "fun" in you despite the tones of your poetry! Ha! Make this into a series or something. Pretty cool my friend :D


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