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The difference between hysterectomy and caesarian section

Updated on December 18, 2014

The Body

I am a woman who just underwent a surgery called hysterectomy.

I am sure most of us know what a hysterectomy is and what a caesarian section is. The reason why I wrote this, is to differentiate the two as a lot of women came up to me and said. "So, it is just like having a CS" (caesarian section that is). To which I replied, "basically, yes".

But what most people didn't know is that there is a massive difference between these procedures.

Let me start by the likeness of both surgeries, while both will have an abdominal scar or bikini line as they call it. Both will also suffer physical pain and will not be allowed to do heavy lifting for a few weeks, not allowed to go to work straight after as both surgery will require at least 6 weeks of recovery as they will not be able to move because of the pain.

Now the big difference...

With the CS, the women will go home with a heart full of happiness and joy carrying the bundle of joy that was a result of the surgery. The very reason why these women endure such pain is to give a little person a chance at life and this little person will be the source of strength and will make the pain bearable.

While the hysterectomy on the other hand....

The women who underwent this surgery will go home with a very heavy heart. She will not carry her bundle of joy as she didn't give a little person a chance at life but rather the chance was taken from her. She will never have the chance to be called mommy, mum or mama and will never have a chance at celebrating mother's day. Will always wonder what would it be like to hold a baby in your arms and sway them to sleep and to calm them when they cry.

The CS, a baby was removed... hysterectomy, the chance of having a baby was taken.

While the difference is not in the procedure but the emotional side of it.

I am hoping others will stop telling women who had hysterectomy that it's just the same as having a CS because you don't know how painful it is.

© 2014 marriedwoman


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