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The distraction: A short story

Updated on August 22, 2012

Compaction fills my head like garbage sacks stacked dead, bursting at the seams releasing green streams, trashed fly's and unknown dreams. All pouring out without a doubt, headed for a landfill like scene. Seagulls pulse bringing life into an ocean of hungry maggots sneaking, gulping it down while wiggling abound, squirming is the sound sloshing around...

'Ahhh!!! The smell' my partner cries wiping sweat from above blank eyes. An angry brow shows the the displeasure, hunting slow for this rotten treasure. "hurry up" I mutter as a quick whiff sneaks up my nose without a sniff. 'I'm not seeing the stiff biff'... "Smart-ass" I reply thinking in my mind, "lets go butthead", go get the sled.

Fred wanders off forgetting the keys instead, "Jackass" I harass. "Cummon use your head Mcfly", "need I digress". Useless this distraction, howd he even pass the test. Ah well give it a rest, he's doing his best.

Fred pulls up slow removing his vest, 'no need for this crap', 'this case is suspect-less', "clueless Fred" I say instead. "We're looking for Ted not raising the dead", 'lets go' Fred says, 'it calls... the bed'. I agree completely, time to rest my body and lay down my head.

'Are you still awake'??? "yes Fred", I reply from my motel 6 cracker jack thick twin mattress spread. 'Maybe tomorrow we should beat feet on the street instead', he must not have liked the dump and now wants to walk the streets like Donald trump, sad. "I've got something for sunrise", "it's in the trunk your not gonna believe your eyes", "goodnight Fred", "early to rise"...

The sun pop's with the click of a trunk, 'doughnuts and instant coffee', 'you gotta bee shittin' me'!!! 'This assignment is bunk', "easy Fred", "just give that twist a sprinkle", "It'll wake the dead"... 'You'll wanna bee dead after eating that poison my friend', 'I'm going to check us out and get some coffee in a cup, made with water'... Fading away as I start the sled.

"Cummon' old girl" I pump accelerating this uncooperating setting, smoke fills to the window sills as the cleaning crew who isn't thrilled, moves away arms shaking. Fred returns with a smirk, 'nice beater'... "It could use a little work", "how's that free perk"??? 'It smells like tar', "well thank god our next stop isn't too far".

Putting it in "R" we reverse, "man I love this car", into "D" now we depart. Rolling past bums pushing shopping carts, towards the heart of the city, inwards on our way to find parts. Missing clues, we only knew a few, the proud, the marines. I think... "That's it" I slam Fred, "the proud marines club it's down on 3rd", 3 more blocks, "look for somewhere to park".

Downshifting from 2 to 1 I hit neutral keeping the spark, 'that's all of them'. "Yeah I see him, that's the shark", loaning his soul is my only remark. "let's sit and observe for a minute", no rush to bee absurd. It would take some nerve walking up asking questions about Ted, never the less we put the lead to the sled and begin walking ahead.

We're greeted at the door by the morning ray's reflecting off of a bald head, 'can I help you gentlemen'??? Fred's reply... 'We're looking for ted', 'never heard of him' the bouncer bounces back. "mind if we step inside"??? "We're just gonna grab a little snack". 'Bee my guest' with no protest, the door opens with a squeaking crack. As we make our way inside we sit down next to the rack, "fish taco's please" a $20 slaps from the sleeve. 'This is great' Fred says, 'I'm starving', 'I didn't know the marine served marlin', "easy there George Carlin", "let's get out of here without brawlin"...

Glands slam away lighting the stage, too bee continued... Maybe another day

Too short??? Well file a report... Have you seen Ted??? He's about 6'2'' with red on his head, call and talk to my partner, his name is Fred...

Busy Signal???


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