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The dos and don'ts of zombie apocalypse planning: part two

Updated on September 1, 2013

As you prepare your foolproof zombie apocalypse escape plan, here are some additional dos and don’ts to consider.

Fido is an often overlooked tool of the apocalypse


Do get a dog (or two)

Dogs are not just man’s best friend; they are a great resource for the zombie apocalypse so make sure to save a place for your furry friends. If you don’t have a dog when the zombies come, head to your nearest shelter and rescue one or two. Having a dog around will have any number of advantages. When living out in the wild without the secure shelter of deadbolt locks and house alarms, there will be all kinds of danger lurking around every corner. Dogs will be the perfect means to alert you of such dangers, which can come in the form of zombie, human or animal.

Not only will dogs help you identify potential danger, they will boost morale during the darker days. Having a pet dog is a great companion for your core group, one that can remind them of the normal life they used to have. Pets have been known to improve physical and mental health, and these benefits will be much needed when zombies roam the world.

If you do not already have dogs, or if you are unfamiliar with dog breeds, take the time before the apocalypse to research different breeds and how to care for a dog. You'll want to get a dog that can survive and adapt in the climate to which you'll be traveling, as well as one that can make both a great guard as well as the perfect zombie apocalypse friend.

Don’t mistake a zombie for human

With the infiltration of zombies into our everyday lives, the initial zombie outbreak may be missed by some, giving zombies ample opportunity to bite the living and increase their numbers. This type of mistaken identity can occur in any situation. Most common occurrences will take place during masquerades at comic book conventions, during zombie runs, or on Halloween. YouTube and other media outlets have provided us with plenty of hoax videos involving zombies, desensitizing millions to the zombie apocalypse. When the initial outbreak occurs, be sure that many will think it is a hoax and fall victim to the zombies.

Zombies or humans? Analyze their behavior to decide


Because one could be easily fooled during a costume party or masquerade, make sure you pay close attention to your surroundings. If someone shows up that is suddenly acting too much like a zombie, be wary (but don’t hurt them! – that’s a strict rule since you won’t know for sure they are a zombie until the outbreak is full-force). Watch for unusual behavior, such as eating the person standing next to them or trying to bite people around them. Also watch for typical human behavior to rule a person out as a zombie. If you suspect someone is a zombie, but they wave hi or they start dancing, they most likely are not zombies.

When out and about, make sure to keep your smart phone handy and have news organization apps that push notifications to your phone. That way you can be up-to-date on any odd news stories that indicate the apocalypse has begun. If you learn that zombies are everywhere, then your instincts about that guy across the room that is moving jerkily and feeding on your best friend are correct.

Do dress for the occasion

If you live in sunny Florida, but your zombie plan includes traveling to a remote area in Alaska, you’ll need to make sure you’re ready for the trip. Your current wardrobe may include only bathing suits and tank tops, but that won’t help you out in the extreme cold.

Once you have solidified your final destination, familiarize yourself with the weather trends throughout the year. Then, adequately prepare yourself by having clothing and other attire appropriate for that area. Don’t wait until the outbreak to find the clothing. Plan on every store being raided with that type of clothing. You don’t want to get up in the snowy regions only to find out that all the stores that had hats and gloves were already raided. Keep a bag handy that includes your zombie apocalypse wear so there is no last minute scrambling before your journey.

Having the correct car will help your survival chances


Don’t buy an electric car

Electric cars may be all the rage for environmental types, but those that buy them will be the first people to die in the apocalypse. Expect electricity to go out in a matter of days. When that happens, those with electric cars will be completely out of luck. If they are unable to bend their desire to have an electric car after the apocalypse breaks out, they will definitely not make it in the long run. While gasoline will only last so long, it is a far better choice for a car. Make sure you have a car that gets really great gas mileage, too. You don’t want an old pickup truck that gets 14 miles to the gallon because that will use much more gas than a car that gets 42 mpg. Also keep your car in good working order at all times. You never know when those zombies will rear their ugly heads, and you don’t want to be stuck with a car that barely makes it down the street to work every day. Keep your tires inflated and your oil changed.

Do stock up now

It is essential to stock up on supplies that won’t perish – and to do so as soon as possible since we never know when the zombies are coming. Bottled water, canned goods, clothing, matches and lighters, first aid supplies, etc., will all come in handy in the apocalypse.

One thing, however, that most don’t think about is stocking up on things with which you can barter or trade. While basic supplies will be high up on the list of valuables, so will other things. Alcohol, for instance, will be a very highly desired item. Even if you personally do not drink, it is a great idea to stock up on cheaper bottles of wine or alcohol when it’s on sale so you have something to trade. Having things that are sought after will give you all the power during the apocalypse, so do not limit yourself to stocking up on things that you personally will need.


The impending zombie apocalypse is not for the faint of heart. You'll need to be strong, adaptable, and well-prepared if you want to survive. If you take these tips, along with a whole lot of common sense, you'll be sure to make it through the worst of the apocalypse. Otherwise, you can look forward to being a savory meal for the cannibalistic connoisseurs of the future.


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    • Angie Martin profile imageAUTHOR

      Angie Martin 

      4 years ago from Frazier Park, California

      Body protection is always a great idea in the zombie apocalypse, so thank you for bringing it up. It can be one that you purchase online or in stores that is already made up, or can easily be made up from scrap. I suspect this is an item that most people will not think of having before the apocalypse, but will create once it is in full swing.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      I have a first aid kit and a few other things that may be helpful, but should you not have a type of body protection?

    • Angie Martin profile imageAUTHOR

      Angie Martin 

      4 years ago from Frazier Park, California

      It's funny that I think no matter how prepared we try to be, we may never be truly prepared for what is to come! You've got me looking for my own crowbar now! :)

    • Nitin Pillai profile image

      Nitin Pillai 

      4 years ago from Mumbai, Maharastra, India

      Guess I should follow your advice and stock up on the supplies right away, lest I find myself surrounded by hungry zombies ready to have my brain for the main course. Now where did I keep my crowbar.....


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