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The end of time as know it

Updated on May 24, 2011

The end of time
as we know it has come
but is that a bad thing?
Maybe for some

When we are born
we go through shock
in the channel of birth
when we get stuck

Your very first trauma
you just survived
ready to start
this earthly life

The very first lies
you have to hear
every time
when Christmas is near

About Santa Claus
and Rudolf his deer
and how to get presents
every year

Then in school
the system sustains
many a lies
to bind you in chains

Back at home
a night with TV
being fed
with violence and greed

Consumer Society
growing strong
not questioning
the right or wrong

And then there’s religion
no matter what kind
usually used
to keep us behind

Fear of God
and a place called hell
“Be obedient
do as we tell!!!”

Even the Bible
speaks of temples defiled
when the priests got greedy
Jesus went wild

The House of His Father
for personal gain
in that respect
nothing has changed

Apocalypse now
Revelation at hand
time to change
that barren land

Where darkness rules
where no light can shine
where there is no place
for the Divine

May the Light of Truth
soon grow strong
so justice can judge
those who are wrong

For taking away
our right to be
our freedom of choice
and our right to be free

Those who are guilty
of such crimes
will be judged
and soon it is time

Time for the end
of time as we know it
you will reap
if you sow it



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