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The fable never told

Updated on October 20, 2011

Frog prince!

The Frog Prince- A fable never told

It’s so cold here – the little frog quivered while sitting alone at the river bank. The lonely moon was shining at the full grandeur and the smell of the rain drenched soil filled the air; sitting alone at the bank while lifting her nose up in the air the green frog- Roop tried to gauge the time.

It must be late evening now- the water seems so calm! Usually after 8 PM the car stops frequenting this lane leaving the water calm. Hopping at the other bank Roop notched her face against her skin. Contemplating on her lonely life Roop looked at the silvery moon. And it is right then, first drop of monsoon fell on her parched skin. Her lip quivered, her cheek flushed, her dark eyes gleamed in the lightlessness as the rain drops touched her with all their glory! Roop danced, laughed and drenched in the silent downpour while dreaming about her frog prince.

“Mom when will my frog prince come”- how many times Roop has asked this to Dips her mom! Perhaps a million times!

Your frog prince will come in the lightlessness of the setting sun, he will come and kiss you when the first drop of summer rain kisses your forehead; he will whisper into your petal soft ears the sweet nothings when the night celebrates the first moonlight! He will come someday my child…. The voice of her mom still echoes into her ear.

Last monsoon her mom left her alone amidst the loneliness of this huge pond and swam away! While some said her mom has died, some said that she was being kidnapped for school projects! None knows what happened to her - still what hangs is the sheer absence of her mom. The heady smell of the fast approaching dark once again brought her back the memories of the long gone monsoon.

Her frog prince did not arrive; he did not kiss her frozen lips- instead monsoon hit hard once again.

“Could you tell me the way to the deeper water?” Roop was taken aback by the heavy voice.

Lifting her wide watery eyes she said –“its here, you have to swim through these debris”

And this is when at the rich – ruddy – red illumination of the tungsten street lights Roop for the first time saw him. Well, he is indeed a frog but not an emerald one. Rather the molten sheen of the golden sunshine limns his body. Like the first kiss of the sunrise the red bar in his tail has made him gorgeous, one of a kind

The golden frog – Roop’s eyes followed the golden salientian as he leaped into the water!

“Are you new here?”- Roop asked

“Yes… I have reached here swimming quite a few miles

The golden shimmer of your skin reminds me of the sunrise. I have never seen a frog quite like you- Giggled Roop

The golden frog seemed to be pretty much aware of his physical beauty. Swimming towards the shallow water he simply exchanged a smile.

For the very first time the green little frog felt as if she is falling from the hill brow. Panting hard she reached the old frog to know what’s happening to her

“You have fallen in love my child”- holding Roop’s hand the old frog said

“ Oh I am in love! Must be!” Roop whispered in darkness

Life sailed as if there was no tomorrow. Roop fell in love with this mysterious Golden frog. He was bizarre and she watched as if she was the bystander of her own life. . She warned herself that he did not belong to her world of green frogs. Still, reason and logic lost the battle. She fell in love.

The little green frog fell for a staggering force, for a magical fantasy and all she could do was to applaud for this unsolved mystery, surrender and finally accept with all her heart and soul that she was indeed in love.

“Do you know what are these?” Holding a handful of cashew nuts Roop winked at the golden frog

“nuts I believe”- he answered

Yes.. the old frog from the other bank loves me and keeps on pampering me with all tidbits. Roop answered

The golden frog did not say a word nor did he seem to show any attention.

Do you wish to solve the mystery of the pond? Roop asked with utter frustration

No I don’t wish at all because this pond is not my place. I wish to reach the ocean. Can you not see the color of my body? don’t you understand I have born to play with the dolphin.. I am alive to kiss a princess! Ahh how will you understand – you are a myopic frog dwelling in this stagnant pond since ages!

“for you my prince I can walk all those miles… for you my golden king I can start reading and writing” … Roop wished to tell all these and much more and all she could mouth is a sad Groan.

The Golden frog remained as a loner yearning the never seen dolphins, thinking about the lady with golden locks, dreaming about the perfumed palaces. …

Roop felt so near yet so far .. even while sitting next to him the green frog felt as if million ways apart! “MY princess is hiding somewhere in the darkness”—the conviction of the golden frog pricked her heart with its umpteen needles! Yet she could not stop loving him. In the dark night she sits and watches him, He watches her and as their eyes met they talk amongst many frogs. Still then every time something happens deep in her heart. Flower blooms, rain falls and she falls in love over and over again without expecting his reciprocation.

Monsoon glided leaving the cold December days to set in.

On an indolent afternoon the golden frog was sitting at the river bank perhaps yet again dreaming about the princess never seen. Suddenly he felt the cold splash of water on his skin.

Waking up from his slumber he looked up

And his heart leaped. He could clearly see his princess. The maid was standing with a net in her hand. Her dark mahogany hair, her white skin, pomegranate lips bewitched him, beguiled and bemused him!

'Come to me my princess dear, Open the door to thy true love here! – He said but Anjali could only hear ‘the typical froggy groan.

“Come here guys look what I have found ! The young lady pointed towards the golden frog

Wow this is the golden dart frog – my biology teacher has told me- a girl shouted in ecstasy

I am going to catch this little prince and make it my stuff toy! Young Anjali said

“Wait a minute—leave it.. these are wild frogs we should not captivate—The girl in ponytail said as she held Anjali by her hand

Don’t be silly! Anjali brushed off her hands

“come my frog prince – come here—come in my net! Anjali spread the net as she tried taming the golden frog into it.

“Where are you going?- Roop held the golden frog tight

“Leave me. You stupid frog – cant you see my princess is here she is calling me… cant you see the attention she is bestowing on me!

These are human and they catch frogs for their school projects.. Do not fall into their trap. She is not your princess, I am sure

Leave my hand you silly frog ---- the golden frog jumped into the net.

Do Not……and Roop’s voice sunk in utter despair.

“I have met my princess green frog I wish you all the best – the golden frog bid her bye

At night Anjali closed the door and brought out the glass jar.

“O my frog prince – I am here with you – lifting the golden frog in one hand Anjali prepared the morphine injection. Feebly she tried to find the point where she would be injecting the deadly stick.

“My princess- I know that’s the magic wand in your hand to make me prince again.. to giveback my life!! He tried to shout but it was yet again his frog tone which echoed in the room.

And then it happened. The injection touched the frog’s gland. He became the stuffed frog. His dream princess kept him inside the jar by the side of the window…

Every morning and each night Roop came to see her lifeless stuffed frog prince living happily ever after with her dream princess!

And it was in her death bed she realized – “True love was indeed a mirage a concept which she has visualized!


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    • jfay2011 profile image


      7 years ago

      Very nice and well written


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