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Faces the sky made

Updated on June 30, 2014

The birds sang a song that made me smile this morning,

and as I looked beyond the flight of the birds, the sky greeted me with a yawning,

But as clear as it was, it made me smile, and for a while I pondered into its clouds in a trance,

The thick pillows in the sky, comforted my body and secured my journey there and back to my glance,

I was in tune with the world, and the my face mirrored the sky so perfect for the moment,

If that was not the sky smiling at me then nature is not life component ,

At this moment between me and the sky, I feel just as high as your clouds ,

and the smile you put on my face today has made this appointment worth smiling this way.

You can always steal a smile from the beauty in nature; even if its just a glance. It will be your moment of happiness.


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