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The Truth

Updated on November 6, 2014

The truthfulness of the poverty

A person,

half naked,


from his fields,

hardly bearing,

the unbearable fire,

of the sun rays,

his lips,

so dry, like,

a cracked field,

for want of water.


The person,


in the mid-day,

his scattered hairs,

like unwanted,

and useless,

thorny bushes,

unevenly grown up,

in that cracked fields.


That person,


his entire power,

his body,

so thin,

like dirty,

cotton cloths,

smelling so bad,

wet in his sweat.


The person,

being exploited,

now, his land,

is no more,

in his ownership,


for his children,

to see them alive,

the question,

of their education,

is impossible,

to be raised.


The person,

who grows up,

the grains,

to feed up,

the people, like us,

who are the rich,

as compared to him,

and his poverty,

who is working hard,

in the fields,

and remains hungry,

along with,

his children,

at least once,

in a day.


That person,

is called,

"the farmer",

a decaying species,

of humanity,

will be no longer,

in future,

if all these,

remaining same.


This farmer,


a battle with life,

for the cause,

of the survival,

of his own,

and his family also,


for his children,

who don't want,

to carry on,

the job of cultivation,

further, in future,

for his children,


of negligence,

to which, they are,

continuously watching,

in the shape of their father,

every moment and,


the decaying culture,

of the cultivator.

fighting from hunger.


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  • AUPADHYAY profile imageAUTHOR



    Thanking you for you valuable suggestions. I had only expressed my views otherwise I like rhythmic poems. Thanks again for your comments.

  • shea duane profile image

    shea duane 

    7 years ago from new jersey

    As an English teacher, I have to say that this has the potential to be an incredible poem! I think your first line doesn't add to the poem, but the rest is wonderful.

  • makusr profile image

    Manoj Kumar Srivastava 

    7 years ago from India


    You have very correctly portrayed the true condition of Indian farmer. Unaffected by green revolution he carries on negative returns, growing poverty. You have captured his condition well. Voted up!

    Lots of Love,


  • AUPADHYAY profile imageAUTHOR



    I have better narration of this poem in hindi language which is my first poem in hindi but I am not yet satisfied with my narration in english poem. Thanking you for your complements.

  • VENZKHVAM profile image


    7 years ago from Milk way galaxy, trying to find a more adventurous place in another galaxy with my great followers

    A true depiction of a real farmer going to field and how he lives and how he works no other way to express. excellent way to explain the farmer.I REALLY LIKED IT. VOTED BEAUTIFUL


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