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The fragments of an interview 6

Updated on January 1, 2012

Good day, Mr Spongecake. I'm glad to meet you.

I'm glad to meet you too, Mr Interviewer.

My name is Mr Giro.

Oh, sorry for that gaffe, Mr Giro. Please excuse me. I forgot to phone beforehand to know your name. Anyway, I did phoned your company and waited patiently for minutes, but no receptionist picked it up. Perhaps it is the eve of New Year and everyone is too delirious about the celebrations, and under this pretext they did not want to be taken umbrage by the customer's hackneyed complaints and such. However, even if this is a day of merriment and joy, companies should prioritize their tasks and leave the celebrations to the end. They should work as usual, or even better, especially during this craze where people will shop till they drop. That will pay dividends for exceptional customer-related services.

Yes, indeed. I'm so sorry about the tardiness of picking up your calls. We were busy talking about trivial matters at that time -just like what you had said- talking about celebrations and such. We had given our customers a very bad impression...Is there any credible reason on why you are here?

Well, Mr Giro. I have worked in the publishing industry for five years since graduation and I gained many valuable experiences along the way. I am a jack-of-all-trades, working as a telemarketer, editor, proof-reader, sales manager all at the same time ---

I'm very sorry, Mr Spongecake. I have to say that we are not hiring anyone for the interim. We don't want to be involved in reading CVs and conducting a series of interviews and assessments. This is the time to take a respite from the straitjackets of the humdrum life we workers have. Just wait for a few days more and we will contact you for the real interview. Want some snacks, Mr Spongecake? I have lots of cheese-flavored biscuits, refreshing fruit drinks and, oh my favorite, chocolate cookies! I can get anything for you from my massive cupboard.

I think you are being too obsequious, Mr Giro. I don't want anything when I am not hired. I don't want to owe you anything.

Ha! Ha! Don't gibber, can't you? There is no need for fear. I am a kind man. You are too modest by the way. Have a snack, please.

Sorry, Mr Giro. I am leaving.

What? How can you reject my offer? Just celebrate the New Year.

I will if you contact me for the real interview. See you soon.


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