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The gathering...A Slice Of Time Cherished

Updated on January 13, 2010


The Gathering, In A Slice Of Time Cherished.


Bench-warmers we are,
our futures on hold,
while the game

of life goes on
as we relax

on the sidelines,
all around us people
struggle, and lose,
in a chaotic nation,
of recession and war.

But this sunny day
chases away

those blues,
no time for any
travelin' shoes,
young and free,
just hanging out,
rather then
hanging in there.

Friends in blends
of companionship
that will linger
in our memories,
long after

we languish,
in wheel-chaired poses
at some distant
nursing homes.

We are tomorrow
but the calendar
only reads today,
and so we stay,
in our cozy

little group,
laughing the

hours away
on a picnic bench,
just south of

what's to come.






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    • MFB III profile image

      MFB III 8 years ago from United States

      Not mad, but born of the realization that I have no right wing nor left wing, I do not consider myself angelic enough

      to be a guardian or judge of my fellow man. I do point out the insanity though in poetic form so that others can see through the endless facades perpetuated on the masses.

      The world will go on quite well in spite of the fear mongerers, and the whiners, and the wailers, I have lived through many horrendous administrations, and still I persevere. We are a nation of smart people, who will not be fooled as easily as we are led to believe, by any man or foxy network, now that the Palin of Sarah is on bored. Dumbya tried to fool us but failed miserably. Obama has four years to either try to fool us or wind up the fool. There is a great example of a fool right now sitting on a ranch in Texas, wishing he had been as smart as the people of America who now disdain him. Peace to you and yours...that is all I wish. the rest is simply history that will happen no matter what we do. ~~~MFB III

    • profile image

      Brenda Durham 8 years ago

      Love the tone and feel and rhythm and wording of this poem! I'm always drawn to beautiful poetry like this.

      But indeed, from reading aside of this one, I find we're on totally opposite pages in our views/opinions.

      Would you be mad at me if I said I sooo wished you were a conservative and used your gift for a "right-wing" purpose? ha (you do know you can refuse this comment being published of course!)

      Anyway, from one fairly-new Hubber to another, hope you enjoy Hubbing; it's interesting to "meet" you here.