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The Genius Of My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic

Updated on September 7, 2020
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James is an avid reader with a book collection in the hundreds and growing. He enjoys wildlife, wilderness and the many simple things life

Why did it work now?

MLP: FIM, that is the abbreviation of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic one the most successful cartoons ever done and most certainly the most successful within the My Little Pony franchise. But why? Why did this series (and the fourth generation of MLP with it) succeed when so many others have failed or meet only partial success? Why did this series attracted not just girls but boys as well when they weren't even the target audience? I might have some answers however, there is plenty to go through so let's get started and hop right into it.


G3 sweetie Belle
G3 sweetie Belle
G4 Sweetie Belle
G4 Sweetie Belle

A good design should capture your attention without anybody saying anything or doing anything. Which is exactly what G4 MLP does, thusly making the characters more iconic while also stimulating interest in products. I have above a the character Sweetie Belle who not only appeared in G$ but the previous G3 as well and I can certainly say that the more recent G4 version of the character draws owns attention more so then than before and in a good way. She is cute, you can almost picture what she sounds before having even watched the show and that's is a very good thing for a franchise of any kind.

Still Fantasy But Light Hearted And More Down To Earth

Welcome to Ponyville
Welcome to Ponyville

MLP: FIM is generally more of a slice of life series then straight up fantasy like before and I think that helps make the story's and the characters more relatable since they are dealing regular problems that come from day to day life instead of something crazy like harpies are abducting ponies or something. Of course it still has some fantasy stuff such as Lord Tirek being a centaur and but the times for crazy magic and fantasy are honestly few and far between or it is just used for good fun and humor. honestly I can't talk about any further with jumping straight into.

The Writing

Spike! Take a litter!
Spike! Take a litter!

You can have the perfect actors and the best designs and it will mean nothing without decent writing and MLP: FIM had just that. Lauren Faust started and created a fully flushed out world filled with many characters each with there own entertaining story however to give her all the credit would be wrong. Lauren Faust lift about around season 3 meaning that it ran 6 seasons without her and that is impressive for any show. Of course the story's are only as good as the characters in them, and With each character having a unique relatable trait like Twilight Sparkle being a perfectionist with OCD or Rainbow Dash being overconfident and egotistical. There are six main characters none of them are two sided.

Good Humor And Puns

Is that a pony version of Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz?
Is that a pony version of Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz?

it is hard to make a good joke without offending someone these days it would seem but once again this show does it. The only thing that may have gotten a bad rep was everything concerning the character Derpy Hooves later renamed Muffins, and seeing as there were petitions to her back in the show I don't think she was ever a real problem. Naturally with good humor comes puns such as the Dorothy pony seen above. In the next to last episode of the series Pinkie Pie ask "What are we going to do Twilight?" to witch Twilight responds, "the same thing we do everyday Pinkie, we try to save the world!" If any body here is aware of Animanics then you know this in reference to the Pinkie and the Brain, and there are many more goo fun loving puns were that came from.

To Sum Things Up

MLP: FIM actually has much in common with the Simpson, it easy to picture real life people in a each of there cartoon styles, they each have had many gust stars and both of their worlds are full of unique characters each full of story potential, difference being that while Simpsons have often done things that might offend people while My Little Pony the best they could not to offend anyone. With My Little Pony the Movie 2 coming in 2021 starts the end of G4 and the beginning of G5 and I just don't see how G5 could be as good as y Little Pony Friendship Is Magic, but what do all of you think? Please leave me a comment in the section below, I'm Wanderin Jim and I hope you all have a super happy day.


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