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The god in me

Updated on September 26, 2011

When he speaks

I wobble and cry

When he leaves

I deny and cry

The God

is another part

in my body.

The God in me. He is not the same as we seek and worship.

The God in me. He is another picture of denying gravity and defying sanity.

The room is empty

Here I come out of it,

no traces

not a fight

ever to be seen.

I'm a silent preacher of God and his imperfect ways to pacify the demons of an unsettled mind.

What image of God do you Keep?

Is it battered and bruised?

Killed by the shouting voice in your head.

Coming out of all the pain you put yourself into.

What image of God you see in me?

Between God and Devil, i'm trying to keep the identity real.

He is a guarantee or belief; so i shall never tear my body apart, into two equal halves.

His will

being benevolent

belittles us

A loud noise

made out of dust.

Ashes rising

to the sky

Ego burnt aloud

bringing the smoke down.

from death to Destruction

devestation to self-pity

life is flowing the same

in you and me.

I'm struggling to keep the identity real.

Carrying no clothes on the body

holding no remorse.

His body is a naked posession

of my countless dreams.

I keep him hidden from

or to be found.

The failures i've made.

The dicoveries i take pride in.

Two children whom i can never be father to. A wife who thinks she would lose me again

to find me close

then closer to her breath.

She is like every other girl

who walked into my life.

No one ever so strong

to tell me

that why i can't be here

with them

when all the world outside

has nothing much to offer.

But how do i know now?

between God and Devil, I'm trying to rub off the golden dust again.

When he sings

When he comes to hold me and take me as his son

I feel let down

He is the not the god we seek and worship

The only God out there is not there inside anybody of you

He is subject to death as i die

He lives as i accompany

So hopeless So shrub

I have sorry I feel mercy

Had i not been conscious, Had it been another dead form of life

what kind of religion you would have gathered up around the arms, up around the walls?

The god in me is just a representation of another thought that there is a bigger god to look for

A bigger god whom we all die for in the end

A smaller god (in ourselves) that we hesitate to pay faith in.



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    • Tracy Robinson profile image

      Tracy Robinson 6 years ago from Mauk, Georgia

      Such a sad song, but in the end, a glimmer of faith, "God is in Me." Hold to your Faith. Thank you for sharing.


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