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My Mom...the greatest woman in the world...

Updated on June 5, 2010
My Mother & my Niece
My Mother & my Niece

 Not  a lot  of people can say they grew up with a mother as understanding and forgiving like I can. In the picture above is my mother Dina and my niece Maiah. Both are people I absolutely adore. I would not be the person I am today if not for my mother. She has saved my life countless of times weather she realizes it or not. Shes a strong woman and my best friend. Shes always been there when I needed to talk to someone, even when its one in the morning. She keeps an open mind about a lot of things and is always quick to defend me when I need defending. My mother is the type of person who is entirely selfless and radiant both inside and out. My mom can make anyone smile and can work with any situation with a level head. Shes always telling me how great I am doing and how special I am. Shes the first to point out the positive in someone and always giving compliments. My mom is always the first to lend a helping hand or give advice to those willing to take it. She supports me and all of her children no matter what choices we make. And she always comforts us when we make a mistake, even when she had forewarned us.
To me my mother is the most amazing perosn in the world. She handles so much at one time and still comes out on top. Shes compasionate and caring and always loving. Its hard not to love my mom and a lot of people I know have adopted her as their mommy too. My mother is artistic, smart, funny, devoted, beautiful, kind spirited, dedicated, loyal, loving ...ect. I could go on and on for ever about all the thing my mom is and does. But I just wanted people to finally notice how unbelievable my mom is and how hard she works every day. I tease all the time that its so "horibble" when people say I look like her. But in all reality I love it, even though I don't see it myself ... other people do and that's what matters. Besides I am always getting told how good looking I am so it must be from her :D
I love you bunchess mommy! <3


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    • fornalina profile image

      Katarzyna Silny 4 years ago from Poznan, Poland

      You really are lucky to have such a great and loving mum and your mother is also lucky to have a daughter who realizes her love and is thankful for everything she got from her.

    • YoungWife profile image

      KyAuna Alonzo 7 years ago from Hayden, Idaho

      Thank you very much, I strive to be one. =D

    • Smireles profile image

      Sandra Mireles 7 years ago from Texas

      You are a good child. Good hub.