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The heart (inspired by bleach )

Updated on July 1, 2009

Entrusted with a heart that makes you tremble when you don’t want to kneel

In this heart we have faith that true love is that we feel

With our hearts we believe. We let people in, love for real

That heart of ours that makes our brain useless when it comes to love

Is it worth keeping, cherishing or are you ready to shove?

In that bleak hole of love abyss and emptiness

We kill the loneliness and sometimes create barrenness

In that vast land of emotions we trust ourselves that we’ll make it right

We hope to conquer our fears and be victorious in this fight

We feel love hate curiosity intimidation fear in that little box built within

We push people away with it or merge them with our souls by pulling them in

A vast world of its own thoughts and beliefs that keeps life interesting

An uncontrollable power that always keeps us intrigued and thinking

If we ever lose our sanity due to love you know whom to blame

But one thing for sure I adore my heart its love that sets me on flame

It is great to live, to love and to hate

One thing for sure having a heart is your fate

for you :Ulquiorra Cifer ウルキオラ・シファー  and now you can finally know what a heart is!

 where has my heart gone and uneven traded for the real one!!
where has my heart gone and uneven traded for the real one!!


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    • Uriel profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Lebanon


      well everyone has his own opinion :) but there are pretty nice animes such as fairy tail or uraboku or even if you aren't interested in fights and stuff i would suggest:

      vampire knight


      soul eater

      Comedy and drama: Ouran high school host club as well as kaicho wa maid sama, fruits basket

      adventure : saiunkoku monogatari

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      nah man i dont really recommend bleach or any of the big3. the only reason that i read bleach is because kubo is a pro at trolling.

    • Uriel profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Lebanon

      Wow it is great to meet a fellow anime and Manga fan, i was getting a little freaked out to be the only one. Bleach please don't even get me started. I live for it and probably would die if the series would end soon. HTe characters get me drooling and most of the times i wish i was part of the little world it creates for its characters. Damn that would be awesome. I'd settle being a part of it for one day and all my dreams would come to life!

    • profile image

      Am I dead, yet? 

      9 years ago

      I will tell you, and you can ask Cris A; I am in love with manga, and Bleach is one of my FAVORITE anime! Awesome read, I can surely relate. Instant fan! You must like Hyde and Gackt as well! They do a lot of theme music for anime. Don't get me started with Inuyasha!

    • Uriel profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Lebanon

      well you should LOL because you are missing a lot my friend. And yeh it has lots of sound tracks this is what i know and have on my playlist: Number one by Hazel fernandez Nothing Can Be Explained Mike WYZGOWSKI, never meant to belong (track no lyrics but very nice shiro sagisu! But there are lots of entrance songs with amazing lyrics in Japanese which i don't have

    • Cris A profile image

      Cris A 

      9 years ago from Manila, Philippines

      Wow! I definitely definitely must see the whole of Bleach! Does it have a good soundtrack?


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