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The history of writing

Updated on July 4, 2008


The evolution of the writing instruments is reflected on Man's own history and of the civilization. Starting from the tracks left by these elements, we can remove varied conclusions concerning our history: drawings, paintings, signs or words, that went passing of generation in generation to our days, are the testimonies of this reality

A well written History

It is believed that one of the first instruments used by the man to write has been the finger, dived in blood or juice of plants. Later, it began to use hollow canes or rushes for the same end. The Egyptians (4000 a.C.) used canes as main element for his/her hieroglyphic writing, while, about 1300 a.C., the Greek used a probe, in other words, a quite sharp vareta, of bronze or bone, that it was pressed on wax blocks, leaving marks, for a subsequent reading.

The Chinese allready, three centuries later, were served with brushes, manufactured from camels or of mouses toes, to draw their characters. About 500 a.C., it began to be quite frequent the use of a goose feather, swan or turkey, with his/her very sharp term and split, serving as beak, in way to be dived and to let the paint to flow for the writing surface. However, this method presented some limitations. The first was the fact of being necessary to be constantly dipping the feather in the paint, in the same way that was necessary to sharpen his/her extremity with plenty of frequency. Dispite of everything, this instrument was used for more than a millenium, until 1780, when the first pens of steel appeared.

Fifty years later, this new writing instrument became a true fashion in England and in the United States, at the same time that you/they appeared the first pens of permanent paint, conceived manually, with an own deposit for the storage of the paint. There was, however, an associated technical problem the these pens that it was the fact that they lose his/her fluidity easily and they frequently cloght, what have put in cause his/her true usefulness. Many years passed to overcome this technical difficulty, and, in 1884, Lewis Edson Waterman, an American, produced a pen of truly functional permanent paint.

It is in the century XX that appears the first ballpoint pen. It appears as a competitive fort for the traditional pens of permanent paint. This brilliant invention is due Jonh H. Loud that, in 1880, it idealized a pen with a spherical tip, tends as end to write on wrinkled surfaces. The true ballpoint pen, just as we met her today, it appears about 1938: the inventor Ladislau Josef Biro, a journalist Hungarian resident in Argentina, and his/her brother Georg, a chemist, they began the conception of the ballpoint pen of disposable character in the 40's. These pens would be the the role model for the famous Bic pens.


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