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What happens when..................

Updated on March 24, 2017

The terrorism is mixed up with civilization

A question was raised before me,

with the lesson of a civilized chemical chapter,

about the reaction of two,


that what happens when the terrorism,

is mixed up with the civilization.

I got my mental power fainting,

from what subject, it has been put up before me,

I suddenly could not answer the question,

One day I got the answer,

that the most powerful acid is the terrorism,

and the civilization is the compound, basic in nature,

in the "test tube" of social atmosphere,

heated to the temperature of 1000 degree Celsius,

when the vapor of this solution,

is moved under the cool politics,

the vaporization converts it into drops of explosion,

the resultant colour matches with,

the blood of wounded humanity,

and rest of the volume is the vaccume,

which is the sigh of helpless people,

tearing and cursing to be a human,

why they came in this cruel era,

on the pretty, planet that is the earth.



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