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The iamb is dead! Long live the iamb!

Updated on August 6, 2012

Take your foot out of your mouth

I have visited and been a member of quite a few poetry websites and while I have been occasionally amazed at some of the writers out there, I must say that I am vastly dismayed at the overwhelming use of alternating rhyming verse. If you have ever picked up a Hallmark card and read the inside then you have been introduced to the utterly repetitive sing song stylings of the alternating rhyming verse.

Disclaimer: They are nursery rhymes people!

If your intent is to write a playful or silly children's poem then go no further. This is the style for you. Anything else, you will have to find a different style. The cadence of the alternating rhyming verse always makes me bob my head from side to side. It is important to match your style of poetry with your content. It drives me insane when someone writes about world issues in this style. It makes me wonder... Are they joking?

Experience poetry

Go to a poetry reading, hear some spoken word, step outside with both feet. Walk to the library and get some Walt Whitman or some Leonard Cohen or take just a few extra steps to Shakespeare, but please for the love of all that is lyrical in this world, stop using abab.


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