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The ideal beauty

Updated on March 26, 2017
Merouane profile image

I am Merouane.I am an English university student.I have been writing in English for ages: I write short stories, poems, articles, essays.

The first sight I fell

On my knees as a slave

With her eyes she can

Kill and give birth

Like a moom when she smiles

It be gone from where it is

In its place she be placed

Like the sun her face shining

Like the sun when missed ages

Fruitful are the lips

One kiss does what drugs don't

One touch takes me

To a world I do not know

In one night she can

Make all that ache my heart go

Face, hands, feet, like I ne'er saw

Angelic body from heaven to me sent

As though I did somthing

That in life took me to paradise

An angle she is

Never can happen to be a human

As though in her arms I came

And in them I want to be

Be before I am gone, I want to be


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