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The importance of Vedic knowledge!

Updated on August 24, 2013

The importance of Veda chanting.

Let the world partake the bliss I have enjoyed. This is one declaration by a saint poet. This shows the magnanimity of the saint. But unfortunately in the present day world, many wish to enjoy everything themselves. They abhor sharing those things with others. Sacrificing tendency was at the highest peak in the ancient India. Even in the struggle for independence in the past century, most of the leaders of freedom struggle, sacrificed everything for the sake of the country. They considered their country above their mother. Hence they called it ‘motherland’.

Brotherhood of man and fatherhood of God is the philosophy preached by Jesus Christ. In the Hindu scriptures, this point occupies chief place. It is said, for the world, the parents are Mother Parvathi and Father Parameswar. You may call them by any name. But the formless God is both the masculine and feminine aspect of creator. The one supreme formless power has divided itself as the Purusha (the primal one) and Prakruthi, (the nature). The nature is also termed as Shakthi or the energy of the Purusha. Before the creation, there was none but the formless power. With the energy that has come from the power, the creation was commenced. An example is the Python. Most of the time, the python seems to be in rest mode. But when it perceives its prey, it makes small movements and catches the prey. After eating it, again the python rests on trees. The supreme power was mostly resting alone. But when the need arises, it stirs for the creation to commence. Hence the power was equated to that of python.

In the chanting of Veda, there is a stanza which signifies the reason for the creation. The power supreme thought within itself; “I am alone, let me become many”. The creation commenced thereafter. In most of the Religious books of the world, the point is emphasized albeit in a different way. Scientists advance many theories about the origin of the Universe but none of them could assert their theories. There are vague assumptions regarding the origin of the universe like the ‘big bang theory’. But none could tell, ‘what prompted the big bang’ out of nothing? But in spiritual texts, there were no such assumptions. There were assertions only. Many sages undertook rigorous penance for thousands of years to know about the supreme power and the life of individual beings on earth. During deep meditations, they got intuitional revelations about God. They absorbed those revelations and taught them to their disciples by word of mouth. Thus the tradition of Vedic Divine knowledge was preserved for many generations. The preceptors sang the stanzas thrice and the disciples repeated the stanzas thrice after the preceptor. Thus the knowledge was retained in their memories and transmitted to the future disciples.

But due to the ingress of Western culture, the youth of the country has forgotten about the greatness of Veda chanting. It was Max Muller, who came to India and studied about the treasures of Vedic wisdom. He got it translated in German language finding their real value. He published many such spiritual texts and through his contribution, many people started realizing about the greatness of Veda knowledge. In the Vedic texts, every aspect of creation and sustenance is explained threadbare and there were no ambiguity anywhere. But in India only a handful were preserving the ancient knowledge. Hence many institutions have started printing the Veda and taught them to eager students. After the advent of Sathya Saibaba, the fostering of Veda chanting revived once again. In the educational institutions founded by Sathya Sai, all the students start learning the Divine knowledge. Saibaba has demonstrated that everyone is capable of reciting Vedas when learned under expert guidance. Thus in Prasanthi Nilayam, we have many foreign students who were expert in the recitation of Veda which is common to entire humanity. Though Vedic wisdom evolved in India, it has spread throughout the globe due to the tireless labor of Max Muller and other people. Once again, many people start venerating Veda by regular chanting both in India and abroad.

Python resting; Max Muller and Saibaba with students.


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