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The incandescent amour.~

Updated on September 26, 2016

Buried thoughts behind that fervent gaze,
As he puffed off another one from his cigarette case,
Wondering if he was from cupid's experimental lot,
Thinking if he could give love another shot.

Shy and withered, his emotions were a chaos,
"Could I be fixed", bawled an inner voice,
An old veteran at loving and losing,
Afterall, freelancer at love was his personal choice.

In a life with little hope, leading astray,
Entered a girl with a paridisiac dusky complexion,
Coupled with dreamy eyes and picturesque hair,
God had sent him the perfect concoction.

Those talks made him feel like twelve again,
The sniggers he could listen to all day,
Slowly, comforting his agony and pain,
She was caressing him towards his heyday.

Those meandering hair resting on her shoulder,
Indeed the wonderland, described by John Mayer,
That smile had already cast a spell on him,
She became his favourite sin, his favourite whim.

Never did he think a girl is what it would take,
To divest oneself of all that is mundane.
Their love, no less than a rhapsodic ballad,
Together they were complete; nothing else to gain.

Called her 'my angel', befitting the idiosyncrasies.
She was the horcrux he never made,
The end of his quest for ecstasies.


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    • gauravarod profile image

      Gaurav Sood 15 months ago from India

      Thank you Surabhi and Jodah. Means so much. :')

      Thank you, Pragya. :)

    • profile image

      Pragya 15 months ago

      Beautiful beyond words :)

    • Jodah profile image

      John Hansen 15 months ago from Queensland Australia

      Quite an interesting and well-written piece. I particularly like the third last stanza and the reference to John Mayer's "Wonderland." Well done. If Surabhi enjoyed it so did I :)

    • profile image

      Surabhi Kaura 15 months ago

      Ha ha - very nice! It's cool the way it rhymes. An euphoric piece! Well done.