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The foreigner style of writing can strengthen or weaken his potential to become and English writer.

Updated on September 6, 2011
The symbol period in writing is no different than a red light.
The symbol period in writing is no different than a red light.

A piece of literature is an accomplishment that is buried deep in the soil of inner growth, waiting to educate all future generations that is yet to be born.

A piece of literature is an accomplishment that is buried deep in the soil of inner growth, waiting to educate all future generations that is yet to be born.

A piece of literature is an accomplishment that is buried deep in the soil of inner growth, waiting to educate all future generations that is yet to be born.

Writings are expression of symbols which are not comparable to pictures, whereas pictures speak a million words; writings only speak one word at a time.

The meaning of writing will always depend on the accumulative association of symbols, which when missed represented, can confuse the mind. With a picture, what you see is what you get; the confusion is never because of the picture, but instead because of your mind interpretation of it.

So now let us venture into the meaning of writings. Writing is nothing more than a set of traffic laws. In writing there are those who know all the traffic laws and know when to obey them, but these people are sometimes poor drivers. These folks have limited visions because they’re nearsighted, which mean that they cannot see far enough to predict the direction of the road ahead but that doesn’t they’re not smart people.

If you fallow them too closely you might get into an accident. They’re critical readers who sees every misspelled and grammar errors in a piece of writing, they’re pretty much anal in a sense. They’re considered to be tight and have no swag when it comes to writing. When they’re faced with a new piece of literature, it takes them a very long time to accept it. They usually accept it after their lead drivers (those they give credit to) have confirmed it; they're followers so to speak because they depend on others to much accept a thought as being a piece of literature. I refer to these drivers as “stiff neck”; they can only see one direction at a time.

Then you have people like me who can drive, but I sometimes disobey the traffic laws, people love to follow me because I’m a visionary who can see miles ahead. People will always follow me as long as I don't get into an accident. My problem as a driver, is that I sometimes speed up when I should slow down or take a stop sign when I should yield the right away.

People have said that I’m an aggressive driver and a visionary, if pay attention to all the traffic laws could become a lead driver. But somehow, I seem to think if I become that anal of a driver, like the stiff neck driver I’ve described earlier, that my writing won’t have that swag. I should remain a loose driver who’s not restricted by all the traffic laws, at the same time; I will contemplate on how to tighten up my driving to better follow the traffic laws.

I will not try to speed up when I shouldn’t. By that I mean I will not pluralize when I should remain singular. I should become aware that it’s by pluralizing that has caused me to be that loose of a writer. I should try not to take stop signs to prevent potential accidents. I should come to a complete stop to prevent me from running on pedestrians, which means I will add a period to prevent run - on sentences.

People say that I sometimes use the wrong word, instead of “beach” I might say “bitch” or instead of "piece" I might write "peace" better yet instead of dike which stand for a levee or an artificial slope I might write “dick.”

Well, what do you expect when the foreigner learn a new language that has two millions words that sound alike. Off – course him or she is going to get confused at times. Now, I can say that my writing as improved a great deal but there is always room for improvements.

This also shows a lack of creativity in the English language. I mean, instead of “beach” couldn’t they have come up with a different word that doesn’t sound like “bitch” like “osand” or something – not good an organization already got that – you see what I mean. Well then why couldn’t they have copied from the French – they don’t seem to have that problem. They’re very creative, there’s almost a word for every descriptions.

We may blame it on the foreigner’s accent all we want, but know one thing, even native born who have mastered the English language like the “stiff neck” I’ve described above are confused at times. So now you tell me, if it’s not a lack of creativity in the English language I don’t know what else it is. Secondly, if the foreigner is already custom to a different set of (grammar) traffic laws; to make the transition – of –course it’s not going to be easy.

Don’t get me wrong, a stop sign is a stop everywhere, no matter (the language) how the roads are split up, we should always stop for a stop sign. And so is speeding, there are limitations as to when one shouldn't speed in almost every country. Anyhow, by no way is the direction of these roads by which we drive is comparable to every (language) roads. We should learn to drive on this roads (English Grammar) but it will take sometimes before we can perfect it, all we asked of is that you don’t be a “stiff neck" because with all the alike words in the English language, there’s absolutely no reasons why we should be that anal.

Then we have the ultimate drivers, which are drivers who know all the traffic laws and all the short cuts that get the point across faster. That’s the driver we would like to follow. That driver is farsighted, a visionary and one who knows when to and when not to speed up. This driver most often will never get into an accident. I often wondered, how they maintain their swag without having to disobey some of the traffic laws. We can read these folks over and over and never lost interest.

We should remember that Dr. Reverend Wright said to us that “we’re different not deficient.” He is right in that sense, there’s a big difference there, just because some of us are from different part of the globe does not makes us less intellectually capable. Yes, it is true, some of us may not be proficient with certain languages for the simple fact that it’s not our original tongue, but by no way does it mean that we’re lacking in some necessary quality. Intelligence is not bound by any particular language; those who are well informed are thinkers, this is the way it has always been.

We having the ability to read or write English correctly have an advantage, but it’s not one that can be translated into intelligence. Information is that which educates us and it’s not always bound by any particular language. With the internet, a great percentage of the world populations have now access to information. A China man no longer needs to speak English to target the American consumers; there are computer programs available for that. As we can see, the programmer doesn’t need to speak English, but he can create a program that speak to us, and that is the significant of “intelligence”.

With the internet, those who want to be informed will be - therefore, we’re deficient only by information. And that deficiency has nothing to do with any particular culture or languages. Its main course is the lack of participation from those who wishes to be informed to engage in conversations that attracts the understanding.

The foreigner may not be able to tell us that we’re wrong in our own language, but when that information is translated into his own language, he will be able to correct us. Common sense and logic have no ownership; they belong only to those who wish to exploit them, whether we’re a peasant in the village or a lawyer in the big apple makes absolutely no difference. It doesn’t matter the level of our education, no man is too small enough to correct us. It is our ability to admit when we're wrong that can prove that we’re bigger than that, falsifying it will prove nothing but pure ignorance.

Examples of some good drivers (writers) are: President Barack Obama, Honore de Balzac, José Bové (how globalization challenges France), Jacque Fresco, Langston Hughes, Haitian writers, Maurie Sixco, Papa Pierre and the queen of poetry, Maya Angelou. I must admit, there’s a lot more that I didn’t mention, but we know who they are. However, these writers are also thinkers, what I like about them most is that they’re creative. If a word doesn’t exist, they’ll make it up, which is very different from the “stiff neck” driver we’ve discribed.

Let us all follow these drivers onto their infinite roads of literature so that we can be inspired. Although some of them are no longer with us, the work that they have left behind will never die. And for me, their accomplishment holds more value than any millionaire can ever achieved, it is an accomplishment that is buried deep in the soil of inner growth, waiting to educate all future generations that is yet to be born, that my friends is what I call success.


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