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The inspirational poem dealing with what is the true meaning of talent.

Updated on March 7, 2014

Motivational quotes

quote regarding Hope. Hellen Keller
quote regarding Hope. Hellen Keller | Source
Famous quotes, Albert Einstien quotes, Quotes on intelligence.
Famous quotes, Albert Einstien quotes, Quotes on intelligence. | Source

Inspirational and motivational poem for the talented ones.

Of Inspiration

The world`s trudging along the path.

Every success just confined to the liesure.

Of it`s very awful aftermath,

Materialism`s the day it`s sure.

One when drops by conscience,

greater chivalry to mount than muscular work.

Deed nothing but rummages science

kills the time, unaware! it`s greatest lurk.

One thing which seems mirthful

that he gets inspiration

whatever may be the medium to rule,

visage, words or just retrospection.

In the days of frustration,

every task except his duty,

emulator of feasting in his contemplation,

without hard work wanna share booty.

For the teenagers,

everything full of energy,

but why they are losers!

due to laziness and lethargy.

Escapism the best stream

for the talents and slackers.

After few lapse they scream

every aim it shatters.

Talents whether of any field

drown in the lee.

from the evils they have to shield,

they know the light what the condition may be !

Talent means of toiler

and every quality worthy of success.

Ruminant of victory not the failure,

never lose patience in harmful days.

Damn to that talent,

never fertilizes the soil of it,

rusty their knife and also bent

if they never touch field`s feet.

Books of morals doing great job.

Of history it`s the proof,

constrain`d evils to sob

inspiration to mankind for shaking evil`s roof.

On the dint of it

man crosses impediments

visage`s always lit

of individual getting achievements.

Motivational Images, Inspiration

Motivational image , A ray of hope
Motivational image , A ray of hope | Source
Inspiration lake.
Inspiration lake. | Source
Inspiration and confidence, Silence
Inspiration and confidence, Silence | Source

How to remain motivated? , How to get inspiration ?

Most of the people ask how to get motivated ? how to remain concentrated ?

Friends I will tell you there is no secret to this. We all have got many qualities that if we pursue them from our childhood we would never get demotivated or frustrated! But as we begin to neglect the certain traits which are necessary to continue our life with force and energy we fall victim and hence ask the aforementioned questions.

In this epilogue of the poem I am just going to assure that after reading it you are really going to find out the solution of your problems and if you follow the things mentioned here you will never stuck in the loop again which leads to misery and pain.

How to remain motivated and energetic ?

To remain motivated always you need to always fill up your mind with positive thoughts. Our mind is like a garden and when one does not take care of it weeds sprout and the negative thoughts are exactly like them. Hence to uproot the weeds you will need to continuously fill your mind with the positive thoughts. Most of the people say that they don`t know that how to replace negative thoughts or if they know the procedure they cannot since they have always stuck to negativity.One good solution is to study motivational literature, the stories of courage and the trust, biographies of the famous successful peoples.Remember the saying that "we make thoughts and thoughts make us" is one hundred percent correct. So be very careful about selection of the thoughts.

We need to understand is the energy. What is energy ? Energy is something that drives our parts when we want to do something. You would have often found that you start any work with full enthusiasm but leave it in the way.There are mainly two reasons 1.lack of patience 2. tiredness . At the time of inception you were so excited that you dared to finish all the task in one go.But this is where it goes all wrong.That attitude of yours comes from the fact that you believe that you won`t be able to continue your routine. See energy is something that you continuously maintain in order to do your work. You should know how to continuously generate energy so that you can always remain enthusiastic about a task up to it`s culmination.You make your routine and be enthusiastic about it that it will lead to your success.Routine is the best way to fill your self with the energy that you need.The above paragraph which dealt with the positive thoughts is a great source of energy. When you continuously think positive you are always full of energy and vigor.

Do you have one aim and care for Cleanliness ?

I have described some aspects below which further strengthen one and making him strong enough to possess awesome energy which keeps a human being always motivated and enthusiastic for his aim.

  • The aspect that I would explain you is the need for single aim. I have many friends who apply for all the exams and yet they are selected in none. This is because they have no single point on which they can focus. Okay I`ll give you an example. Somebody asks you to keep watch over four directions at a time and immediately react to whatever happens in any direction! What will be your response you will be unstable and you won`t be able to comply with your duty.In the same way it is not possible to go for several exams at a time. You focus on a single aim and doing this will bring in you energy and the confidence.
  • There is next aspect which is somewhat serious one. Most of the students especially the ones from engineering colleges of India take pride in the fact that they are dirty and messy. I want to tell you that cleanliness is next to godliness. And the clean and ordered things always have some peculiar energy associated with them.Hence to remain energetic do not forget to make your room tidy and ordered.

Take tensions with correct attitude

After we are done with the basics now I move towards explaining the reason and art of concentration.Many of students boldly take pride that they do not take tension.But I will ask a simple question. What is their definition of the tension ? If they go on pursuing their dream with passion and devotion and don`t care about the hurdles they are right.But if they just neglect their duty and when somebody asks about the status of their work and when they are unprepared, they say they never get tensed! It does mean they are eroding their energy and willingness.The concentration comes when you have nothing but your aim in your thoughts.You when doing a work become so obsessed with it that nothing except the ways to do the task better come in your mind.The obsession should be same as when you have a crush and you desire to make it an affair.While you are going in auto somewhere you can think about your aim and it`s prospects of future.I have a friend who just qualified IAS. I once asked him, "what was it that led you to beat IAS in just six months and that too without any external help". He smiled and said "because in these six months I saw nothing but three letters,'IAS'".

P.S. IAS stands for Indian Administrative Services and is considered to be one of the most competitive exams in the world.


See! there is vast literature about motivation and not every thing can be explained at a time but the things I mentioned above are my own inferences and experiences and I have too faced similar situations like you.The qualities that I mentioned just above are the part of wisdom and every one have it from their birth but what one need is to listen the voice of their conscience and when one does so he moves on the path of wisdom.Feel free to write me If you think that your problem remained unanswered. I will be happy to help you.


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      My name is. Snehal 3 years ago

      You have Poem on Cleanliness is an. attitude

    • SweetiePie profile image

      SweetiePie 4 years ago from Southern California, USA

      An inspirational poem.

    • ravi1991 profile image

      Ashutosh Tiwari 4 years ago from Lucknow, India

      Mind not but I am little good at physics. Can you explain your comment in plain English ?

    • profile image

      Melchor Niera 4 years ago

      Your article captures me

      It's a magnet attracting imaginations. What Einstein

      Said, bore accuracy when applied to a true literary talents. One don't know the exactitudes, neurons tightly tied only intuition is free and in control--the body sleeps