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The known stranger

Updated on October 10, 2016


Under the moon lit sky of the night,
One stranger catches anothers sight,
They get together just to say hi,
But connected deep, finding hard to say goodbye,

Few messages were exchanged and fewer words were said,
Yet thinking of each other, every nigh they went to bed,
The girl became the boy's reason to smile,
A smile lingers on her face, reading the boy's letters while,

The two strangers now to each other so much cherish,
That neither of them wants to see their bond perish,
Never had he expected that his life would take such a wonderful turn,
Now to talk to her, he yearns,

In a short while, they had infiltrated each others dream realm,
Their thoughts, always their hearts overwhelmed,
From the moment she started writing him, the girl so kind,
That now not so strange stranger had found a permanent place in his mind...


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