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The land of apathy

Updated on June 24, 2011

Living the matrix
caught in a lie
Never asking questions
never wondering why
lost in the haze
Pretending to have them
by running the race

They’ve taken away
our freedom to choose
Whatever you pick
you always loose
Not allowed
to think anymore
Just do your thing
don’t go to the core

School system is not
to educate
But to put more limits
on our designated fate
Sit down on your couch
and absorb your TV
Take a one way trip
into apathy

So be a good dad
and be a good mom
Buy a flat screen TV
for your daughter and son
Feed them the cereals
they tell you to
Teach them the things
they want them to do

Ignore the poison
in your food
They added vitamins
so must be good
Aspartame and MSG
Lethal for humans
but sold real cheap

Enslaved by our own
is what we all are
Not by bad aliens
who come from far
Not a movie or a play
All of our life’s
just thrown away

Our reality
a living hell
And please don’t speak up
or you won’t live and tell
Time for change
is at our door
Time to choose
which way to go

Will you sustain
this serious lie
If you will
you’ll surely die
No more tomorrow
for us all
No next generations
to carry on

shall be extinct
If we don’t allow
change to begin
For our children
we all want the best
Good results
and please pass that test

But in 20 more years
we’ll be out of fuel
Our planet drained
isn't that cruel?
Another detail
and please don’t shout
In some 40 years
this planet’s worn out

A shocking history
of terror and abuse
They used and abused Her
for personal use
Geopolitical strategy
a dirty game played
with humanity

Hunger and disease
sustained and created
Thought of in a boardroom
fuelling the hatred
All the species
that now are extinct
Gone forever
and nobody blinks

Minds all numbed
by what we see
Horror and war
daily on TV
And then to realize
that the beauty of this all
Is that it wasn’t necessary
this tragic and definite fall

About 60 years back
in history
There was obtained
alien technology
Pollution could have been
part of the past
Energy supplies
for eternity to last

Zero Point Energy
is the name
That can supply us
with eternal flames
Deserts in bloom
no more starvation
Abundance world wide
the saviour of every nation

Yes this is fact
and by the way
You never question anything
they may say
Or is news
as depressing as this
Hard to handle
so rather dismiss?

Crawl back to your couch
and absorb your TV
So you won’t realize
and just won’t be


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    • LadyFae profile image

      LadyFae 6 years ago from Under the Stars

      Pan, all I can say. Yes we have a LOT in common.

      Keep spreading the Word so that we one day shall be Heard.

      Keep your Light shining!!!

    • pan1974 profile image

      April 6 years ago from Columbus,Ga

      LadyFae we have to much in common.