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The last child of the world

Updated on March 26, 2017

Despite of,

all the historical wars,

took place,

from time to time,

neglecting the results,

of humanity's wound,

which on it's face,

still shines.

We, the cells,

of this world,

crying about,

disadvantages of wars,

but in the deep,

darkened sky of sins,

our misfortune,

twinkling like stars.

From the very first,

place of our streets,

till the huge stage,

of battlefields,


we continuously watch,

the regular fights,

decaying life,

Humanity yields.

From the ancient weapons,

till the chemical bombs,

we could never,

imagine our sights,

beyond the burning,

inferno tombs.

Teaching of great,


of sacred saints,

wandering in the space,

talking with each other,

How, the human,

ears can be traced ?

In the fast moving,


culture of the world,

every human,

is suffering,

from the incurable,


of killing each other,

How can it be possible,

to live-in.

I have drawn,

the picture of child,

a child,

who is supposed,

as the last child,

the child,

as the last product,

of this world,

it can not be called,

a child,

but is a child.

The last child,

of this dying world,

has lost,

both of his eyes,

in the side effect,

of a war,

In this way,

he paid the first cost.

This last child,

of this decaying world,

has lost both of his arms,

As, he could not run away,

of the terrorist's blast,

This second cost,


This last child,

an orphan,

the product of,

HIV effected pairs,

neglected by the society,

of educated persons,

who always gift him,

a penetrating stair.

All the human beings,

not knowing the fact,

that the God,

has installed,

the final software,

in the computer,

of whole living universe,

whether know it well,

or be unaware.

In order to scan,

this computer,

of whole universe,

the God has set,

the final virus,

in the form of ,

this last child,

of the world,

in a dumb voice,

To be alive, and

maintain our existence,

We have to make alive,

this last child,

as the example,

of the ultimate result,

of this decaying,

humanity, and

ruined world.


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