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The light of love (A Poem)

Updated on April 6, 2012

Experience love

The Light of Love

Ever walk into the moonlight on a winter’s night
And let it bathe your soul.
Did you allow it to touch your heart and spirit?
Love should be like that light.
It should be an ever present reminder that
Touches your innermost being.
Every time you walk into the presence of those who love you
It should renew you and make you whole

The myth that love is painful is over stated
Yes, there is pain when you choose to love
But it is an exquisite pain,
A pain that, in true love, purifies the soul
And creates within you a spirit that
Chooses to love in spite of…

Allow yourself to walk into love
Give yourself over to that which cleanses
That which heals
That which is unselfish and unrepentant
Walk into the light that is love

By Bruce Bean


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