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The lost Keys of the Modern Internet

Updated on June 3, 2015

Lost those Keys?

Have you ever created a stunning free web pages made a few mistakes and forget the password? A few years later search about yourself and its the same awful post?

It's true what you put on the internet stays there forever.

Oh well time is spining very fast. It's true what you put on the internet stays there forever. I was doing a quick search on myself and I came accros an article I wrote about my games. At a time I was still in highschool, young and full of energy and clear of what I wanted to do after school. This was the vision and aspiration of what I wanted to be. This is 16 years ago and sounded easy right? The great thing is keeping my promise all this time. And here is the article still hosted by tripod.com

My games are my career, my hopes, and my struggle. There are ten reasons why I love what I do.
1. I am able to be my own boss.
2. I have the potential to reach my aspirations.
3. My creativity earns me free money.
4. I love what I do which gives me the freedom to build my own unique career.
5. I am able to converse on levels with individuals in authoritative positions.
6. I have the freedom to travel and explore the world.
7. I am able to pursue any lifestyle I choose to lead.
8. My career goals have earned me respect.
9. I possess strong entrepreneurial skills which allows me to set my own rules,
10. I am driven by the fact that success comes after hard work. A task that is always difficult in the process, but the reward is always greater than the actual struggle.
You have discovered me. Through hard work and persistence I have learned never to let go of a dream. Now you know that I am an inventor, a businessman, and an imitator, by the way I shape my little world. But do you really know me? I am not different from any others who have struggled as I have. When I get a chance to do something, I treat that as my last option. I persist in not letting go of anything of value. The reason I never let go things easily is that, important things leave a bigger scar behind. I am attracted to someone to whom I learn something from. I believe that whatever I do or say today, is always premature until the next day. However if I am given time to reflect upon what I did, I discover where I went wrong. I love helping people whom I think are capable of changing. I am a human being yet I still make mistakes. I am very insightful, possessing a strong level of ambition, as I am able to identify problems for clear resolution. I am a good observer, as I learn by observation and imitation. My actions are my best witness, which relays my story better than I do. My name is Frank Kigozi, so sit back and relax as I prepare you for my next witness.

Great even somehow true today. However that was then, I call it the drive. Today when I look at what I said I laugh because it sounded easy. Trust me, nothing was any easy. Everyone regardless whether they contributed to my struggle or not want a piece of the pie Aka revenu Canada. Often I wish I didn't forget the passwords. Even no one is available to remove the posts other than the account holder. Other site operators charge a few to remove such contents. I am glade that I stayed true with my crafts. subscribe to my YouTube channel and see my progress with the games.

Frank Holding the barlet..

Signature pose
Signature pose

I stayed true to my craft

I stayed true to my goals and dreams. Here are people playing in life.

Perfect Strike

Outdoor fun...
Outdoor fun...

A family playing Pitchball

Kids Play too

Family outdoor games
Family outdoor games

Reunion Games or get together games

Would you play these outdoor games with your family?

See results

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