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The lost ones part one thriller book

Updated on January 22, 2016

About the book

This is actually gonna be a book in the very end, but for now I want to keep it as a series of short stories that I can one day turn into a 300 or more page book.

It's about a series of supernatural goings on in a small town.

People going missing,

People dying in really strange ways,

And strange messages all over town.

The story followers an alcoholic writer called Stefan,

He hasn't had a good story in a while and he wants to make more money than he is as there isn't a lot of money to be made in what he does.

He ends up getting involved with looking for two young boys and also ends up helping the police with a murder case.

As time goes on his life gets more interesting and a whole lot darker....

Why I Chose a Thriller

Thrillers have always been really close to my heart,

The horror you feel as everything starts to unfold.

It's similar to horror in a lot of ways.

Usually it's just humans or maybe ghosts in these kind of things.

But i thought making my own version would be much better.

Thrillers are usually really scary and poetic in many ways.

I always love when the main character is about to open that door that you know leads to something pretty scary.

A lot of really good thriller books are around nowadays.

I have read literally hundreds of them over the years and will read more as my life goes on.

It's the same with movies too.

There are so many really good thrillers out there that make you jump all the time.

When a movie or book makes you feel connected to the character it's a good one!

Some books fail to do this,

but the story can still be good.

The best part about a thriller is always the climax near the end when you start to find everything out.

Mysteries unfold before your very eyes and make you wonder what the writer was feeling when he or she wrote this master peace.

I think thrillers can be a work of art if done properly.

It's hard to write a very good thriller book that makes people jump and want to read more.

At the end of the day it just takes practice.

I know of a few writers that have written over ten books,

and they still don't have a lot going on for them.

As a writer you need to write as if you are a character and not just a creator.

Anyone can create a story.

But not many can create a good story!

Many writers copy each other or they try and copy the stories of old classic writers and give it a slightly modern twist.

That can work sometimes...

But it's rare that the stories are actually any good.

What to Expect in a Good Thriller

In a good thriller you should always look out for a few things.

Like how the story goes on over time.

If you don't feel connected to the story or the characters in the first few chapters then i would just stop reading as it won't get any better.

Always look out for how the writer brings things to life.

Some writers have the amazing ability to make everything feel so beautiful and real.

They make every scene seem like it's happening in front of you.

I wish more writers could do this!

But very few can.

i think a lot of stories nowadays struggle to grasp what they need to.

A lot of writers rush their work as they want to make an easy buck.

But if you don't but the time and effort into the story then you won't make a penny.

To stat with writing has very low income!

But it gets much better as time goes on and more effort is put into the works of the writer.

Some first timer writers actually only make a few mistakes as far as writing goes.

And that's really impressive actually.

Others have like six books written and still haven't found out how to connect with the readers and bring the pages of each story to life.


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