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The lost wife

Updated on January 10, 2017

Verse 1

Sour memoirs of thy absence hit like meteor shower

For every hour I spend without you is sour

The severance of our homely harmony

Became the genesis of my lonely agony

Verse 2

My soul screams through the jungle for my lost wife

Burdened with a heart heavily bungled by a lust life,

I take on the search with the strength of the last hurt

Not willing to relent until I seek out the very last hut

Verse 3

Invoking the spirits of the nights

Awakening the might of great knights

And engaging the supreme warriors’ insight

I venture into the search with a confident plight.

Verse 4

Listen to the chant of my call, my wife

Let us unite to stand tall above our strife

I put to death my ego and pride

That my love may echo unto my bride

More Soul wrenching poems in my book "My Fortitude"


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