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The lovely maiden

Updated on August 10, 2009

Sweet was the maiden,
Hope was her name,
She sheltered one and all,
Under her long, lovely mane.

Her tresses, so exquisite,
Were unique in that,
They could talk and sing,
And, oh, what a pretty song at that.

Their song told of tales,
Of triumph and success,
And bade every man
To try his level best.

Never to despair,
Or to leave hope’s hand,
For once left back,
She was very hard to find.

The winter of despair,
Crept through her sunshine,
But what was he to do to her,
Who was God’s own right hand.
The maiden and her tresses,
Flowing in the wind,
Painted a lovely picture,
In many a grieving mind.

Great men she associated with
And was paramount in their success
But never did she boast,
Of herself or her lovely tresses.

Pride was yet another foe,
As she oft everyone told,
Never to be lured in the trap,
But to keep striving for more.

Hope does not mean
Arrogance in one’s feats,
Neither does it mean
Living as you please

What it does mean,
Is never saying yes,
To misery and anguish,
And thus aiding in their triumph.

What it further means,
Is that there is a silver lining,
To every dark cloud,
Which makes it bright and shining

The glory of the night,
The stars shining bright,
Remind you of the maiden’s smile,
Which helped men cover many a mile.

Never to tire, did the maiden teach,
And to one and all did she preach,
The virtue of her brother,
Who to her was both near and dear.

Faith was his name,
And together with the dame,
He played for so long,
And sang many a song

They both go hand in hand,
And he plays with her tresses,
And the curls smile with glee,
On feeling his soft touch

Much a lovely pair
Do Faith and Hope make,
And if you hold them together,
No more can anyone keep
You from attaining your goals,
Or from shedding all sorrow,
For they together will guide,
You into that lovely glade,
Which is called the garden of hope,
Where every tree is called faith.
The love of them both,
Will pull you out of tunnels,
And show you the heavenly glow,
Which you so desired to find
The beauty of nature,
And the joy of mother earth,
Will forever be yours,
If you get both their favour.



Hope is of great importance, read



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