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The meeting of the Minds

Updated on November 12, 2010

What is THIS?!?!

I will leave this "what is this" mostly blank this time. I do not want to ruin the surprise of what I wrote. But the main chuck of it is the record of what was said during a very important meeting. This was written on Nov. 11, 2010

The meeting of the Minds

Ego- So I have called all of us here together because I think we need to work together better and...

Id- So WHERE IS MY CANDY. You told me there would be food here and well I WANT IT NOW!!!!

Super Ego: Will you shut the hell up. You don't deserve candy. Or anything! All you deserve is to wait!

Ego- Um guys please can you just calm down because I really want us to reach some form of under..


Left Hemi- You be quiet. I like Ego's idea of this meeting and think it was well over due and...

Right Hemi- Think that is all you do is think mann... You need to express yourself more. Like try.... painting.... here look what I painted *holds up painting*

Id- OOOOooo I like it so GIVE IT TO ME NOW!!!!! *grabs painting*

Super Ego- No Id you do not deserve it. I deserve it for I waited for him to flip it over and show it while YOU DID NOT WAIT!!!

Ego- Please guys can you all just stop fighting. Because I really think we need this meeting at least for the benifit of left and right hemi because hey we do live inside them right?

Left Hemi- That is a true thought not exactly a sciencfically right statement for they have not been able to prove if there is a place located in the..

Right Hemi- Dude you talk..... waaayyy too much. Learn to feel more... What Ego said was very poetic mannn... so yeah.... wow.... look at that...... what is that.....

*Super Ego tricks Id into putting down the painting by showing him a shinny rock*

Left Hemi- I do not understand what you are seeing there but I would call it a square.

Right Hemi- Thats..... right man.... you are a square dude....

Left Hemi- I understand that insult but at least I can fully understand words and speak correctly and accordingly and do both math and science!

*id and super ego continue to fight over the painting in the background*

Right Hemi- Wow mann...... but I can do..... geometry.... and draw........ and..... paint....

Left Hemi- Yes you can do geometry but you can't even name the shapes WITHOUT MY HELP! AND!

Ego- GUYS... Ok both of you two are good at different thing. But look. You do are only at your best when helping each other. So can you both agree that we need to get my two siblings under control so we can continue our meeting?

Right hemi- um.... errr..... *draws a new painting of the work yes while at the same time Left hemi says*

Left hemi- Affirmative

Ego- Ok good. So lets please grab the two of them and find a way to keep them calm

*id is tied to a a large comfortable chair and super ego agrees to stay quiet if he gets to wait and keep the chair after the meeting*

Ego- Ok now with all of that out of the way. I would like to talk about the problems we have been having. You two *he points to Right and left Hemi* have not been talking like you should causing our vessel to stubble when it walks and drop things. And Id there has been getting more and more rilled up causing our vessel to become too immature and greedy. And you *pointing to super ego* have been overcompensating too much for Id's out bursts making the vessel seem to have terrible mood swings and look now OUR VESSEL.... our home... is in the loony bin! So I think we....

Super Ego- In my defense I do think being more mature I should be totally in charge...

Right hemi- um..... I also feel.... that.. um.... I should be more in.....err..... charge too!.... Sure our vessel was born......... err being more with......

Left hemi- Just shut up you blubbering fool. You don't understand words so you should stick to your drawing. But to MORE CLEARLY state what I THINK Right-Hemi was trying to say is that it thinks it is jealous of me being given more power when our vessel was born.

Right hemi- I don't THINK IT...... I FEEL IT!!!!

Left Hemi- Oh wow look at you. You finally were able to talk better when I got you to emot something.

Right Hemi- I am ALWAYS  FEELING...... you..... you.... just don't know to.....err..... feel things back to me.....

Left Hemi- Feelings are not important and...


Hindbrain- Hissssss.... sssilly forebrain...... Sssso divided.... leftssss rightssss Ssssuper egosss and egosssss... I sssee onlysss that Idsss importantssss

Left hemi- You were not invited here you dam reptile brain. Right and I control you and that idiotic no brained stem. All stem can do is walk.

Hindbrain- Yessss. All It can dosss is walkssss. BUT Isss Hasss control of breathingssss and ssssurvile.... I controlsss fightsss or flightsss...

Ego- hindbrain.... *Ego sighs* please do not tell me you are rebelling too?

Hindbrain- Yesss I amsss *Hindbrain walks over to the tied up Id* andsss with thisss onesss helpsss I winsss..

Super Ego- I am not okay with this but I did agree to sit here quietly and wait my turn to...

Id- NO I WIN!!!! THIS IS MY VESSEL!!!! I WOKE UP HINDBRAIN THIS IS MY DOING ME ME ME!!!! *SMACK*...... *Id still tied in this chair falls do the ground after being hit by Hindbrain*

Hindbrain- NOOOssss!! You are MY TOOLsss!!! And you ALLSSS SSSSHALE DIESSS

*Hindbrain pulls out a knife and plays with it while planning its attack on the lefty, righty, Super Ego, and Ego*

Ego- Ok. Now this is a big problem. Righty Lefty? Id Super Ego? Can the two pairs of you agree to put aside your differences. If Mr "Reptile" here gets control. Our vessel will be stuck in this loony bin FOREVER!

*Hindbrain charges forward at Ego and starts to stabbing Ego repeatably. At the same time Super Ego gets up and unties Id. Still at the same time Left Hemi and Right Hemi look at each other and join hands unifying their power to suppress the lower parts of the brain. Super Ego and Id tackle Hindbrain and pull it off of Ego. With their powers combined Left and Right Hemi blasted Hindbrain putting it back to sleep. The four minds than gathered around the injured Ego.*

Ego- *cough*... all of you did wonderful.... you guys worked in a way you have never before...... I am proud of you....

*Ego slowly died*

The aftermath

With Ego dead, the four remaining powers of mind wrote down the record of all the events and things said at the meetings. Even without Ego to act as mediator the four (though it was hard) worked together better. They settled their differences with a lot less fighting but, whenever there was a large argument..... They all looked to the record of their first meeting, remembered Ego's sacrifice, and moved on.

After 6 months their vessel finally left that loony bin. A new person and a better person despite leaving part of their mind behind.


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    • MPG1 profile image

      MPG1 7 years ago from Eugene

      ^_^ Now I really feel special ^_^

      THANK YOU!!!!! a TON Wesman Todd for your comment ^_^

    • Wesman Todd Shaw profile image

      Wesman Todd Shaw 7 years ago from Kaufman, Texas

      Oh man-I've got a large group of folks who are going to love reading your hubs! Me? I enjoy it-it's just that I'm largely ignorant in regards to psychology and philosophy. It's not that I'm ignorant, really, its that I've never formally studied these things.

      Great hub, man-you're definitely not one of the boring folks around here.

    • MPG1 profile image

      MPG1 7 years ago from Eugene

      ^_^ I thank you greatly Tonymac04. To get a comment from you makes me feel very flattered. ^_^

    • tonymac04 profile image

      Tony McGregor 7 years ago from South Africa

      I enjoyed this "meeting of the minds" very much. A great way to illustrate some brain theory.

      Love and peace