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The Melody of Love

Updated on March 22, 2014

Inspiration and a melody...added to love that is in the air...

Can you imagine yourself inspired by your muses and not having time to stop for the rest of the night until you are done? Is anyone coming to the rescue? A melody that we have loved for ages; actually since 1982 came to us at work! From the song "Steppin' out" by legendary Joe Jackson, we started writing with so much fun. We wanted to write a romantic piece through the wee hours of the night. Let's see what we will have accomplished in one hour or less...

The Catchy Melody that Started it All... Just Bear with Us!

Running with desire, moving around, coming about...

assuming and heating up all you can imagine,

let's rock the world upside down..

Come close to me, come see what's inside of me

come and light up my senses

calm down the beat of my heart

exhaust and define what's behind our candlelight...

Encircling our love...
Encircling our love... | Source


Sweetheart, you're mesmerizing me with those attires

come by my side, turn off all the lights

Tonight I feel like is going to be so much fun

Your beloved one in disguise will apply all his might, just wait and see

Wait for your piano man who will play your hidden chords

Stand and get closer to your man

No ex-flame will be out there to cause you harm

Sweet "thang"

Sweet thang...! your desire is what means so much to me

...that obsession I see, too much waiting... get near me

through the next early morning, is where I want to "aim" anyway!

These modern times won't stop me from falling for you once and again my love

It's been so long since we started this ritual and have reached the summit of all

Compassionate, truthful and so much more; come get closer my amour...

Is what God has intended even before the day we were supposed to be born..!


sexy, sexy eyes! You brought so much life

Sweat, tears and eternal smiles, is what love from you all the time

fear is left behind, willing to survive this eclectic loving through the night

come embrace your man, and make him feel desired

stop moaning, your brain might realize we already reached the skies.

Fine, at last we know what's next in this game of love

Great, for a second I thought you wanted to stop it all

Gee! there is not stopping us, because your man is ready for the next one!

my movie star, you did fine tonight

Tomorrow we will revive more than just candle-lights...

Laundry will have to wait, after so much being done

this night was so rewarding..

hey! there comes our wedding song..!

The original version...
The original version... | Source

Cover that rocking body with my warm heart

behind you and embracing thoroughly your psyche and mind

Morning has already come, meaning we lasted

more than the last time....

Please, take your time and feel me again

Love like this is forever, and won't let go...

Promised it to the one above, and to the stars...


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  • Lord De Cross profile image

    Joseph De Cross 4 years ago

    Thanks Phyllis Doyle! I appreciate your kind words!

  • Phyllis Doyle profile image

    Phyllis Doyle Burns 4 years ago from High desert of Nevada.

    My goodness, Lord -- so passionate, so giving and receiving, so playful, so beautiful is this love expressed in words of vivid imagery. So well done! Yes, very well done, my friend.

  • Lord De Cross profile image

    Joseph De Cross 5 years ago

    AudraLeigh , nice to see you again! The pic was there for grabs; it was around 6:45 p.m. on June 25th. Thanks for the laudations and wonderful comment! Take care friend!

  • profile image

    AudraLeigh 5 years ago

    I remembering watching Joe Jackson on a video show at 4pm after school in my youth. We had not gotten MTV yet. I loved his styleand that song!

    I really liked how you set the mood for your amazing poem; full of raw beautiful! You have a gift my lord...thank you for expressing that so wonderfully with us! your pic of GCS!

  • Lord De Cross profile image

    Joseph De Cross 5 years ago

    Truly appreciated by your stopping by Go-barbara-go!

    Dwachira, your input is uncoditional and we recognize those warm words. Thanks my friend.

  • Lord De Cross profile image

    Joseph De Cross 5 years ago

    Thanks for your kind words Sir Colin. Your words are really encouraging for our hearts. Inspiration knocks past these late hours. Have a nice one my friend, and thanks again for your support!

  • epigramman profile image

    epigramman 5 years ago

    .....well Lord of the Hub that you are ..... I have always loved your music related hub presentations - and this one is no exception.

    I am a big Joe Jackson fan myself and I have seen him live in concert.

    My personal favorite lp is a true gem called Joe Jackson's Jumping Jive .

    And discovering one of your hubs is like taking a journey - and the many journeys I have taken with you are one of the true highlights of my time here at the Hub - so thank you for that , sincerely.

    sending warm wishes from lake erie time 1:59am

  • dwachira profile image

    [ Danson Wachira ] 5 years ago from Nairobi, Kenya

    Hi Lord,

    How wonderful to read this as am just about to sleep. I will be peaceful knowing that am covered with a warm heart. Voted up, useful and shared.

  • go-barbara-go profile image

    go-barbara-go 5 years ago


  • Lord De Cross profile image

    Joseph De Cross 5 years ago

    tillsontitan,you got to the very core of the message. There are moments when you do not need to talk way too much to understand your partner.

    Maria, hope you are safe in PA. Thanks for reading this poem. Love is indeed in the air! Always thankful for your visit!

  • marcoujor profile image

    Maria Jordan 5 years ago from Jeffersonville PA

    My LORD,

    Steamy, passionate and very becomes you.

    Voted UP and ABI. Hugs, Maria Couchara

  • tillsontitan profile image

    Mary Craig 5 years ago from New York

    Your words paint pictures that leave little to the imagination :) "Wait for your piano man who will play your hidden chords"....if that doesn't touch a spot, nothing will! Your humor and passion make a beautiful melody!

    Voted up, awesome, and beautiful.

  • Lord De Cross profile image

    Joseph De Cross 5 years ago

    picklesandrufus, fun and more fun makes a relationship so interesting. Imagination and surprises can make up for a bad day. Love can change the world in a minute or five?

    Sereseus, nice meeting you my friend. Welcome to this community of writers. Thanks for your input. Nice country you are from. Glad you are with us!

  • sereseus profile image

    Albin Pius 5 years ago from kerala,India

    The melody of love is very touching.Keep it up.

  • picklesandrufus profile image

    picklesandrufus 5 years ago from Virginia Beach, Va

    Perfect music for your words of love and passion! You took me back in time to remembering the magic of two people who really dig each other. Fun!!

  • Lord De Cross profile image

    Joseph De Cross 5 years ago

    Gypsy Rose Lee

    Deborah Brooks

    midget38 , Thanks so much for your important comments. Inspiration comes in a second, and we just have to start writing without delay. Love is a truly resource of inspiration indeed! Thanks my friends. Thanks Rasma, Debbie and Michell Liew!

  • midget38 profile image

    Michelle Liew 5 years ago from Singapore

    Heartfelt passion, Lord. One for the girls!! Sharing!

  • Deborah Brooks profile image

    Deborah Brooks Langford 5 years ago from Brownsville,TX

    well how sexy and wonderful to read.. Is that your love? she is one lucky lady.. I loved this poem and the music.. and she is so beautiful.. many blessings

    to you both

    sharing my dear


  • Gypsy Rose Lee profile image

    Gypsy Rose Lee 5 years ago from Riga, Latvia

    Voted up and awesome. So romantic and simply wonderful. It all blends together so nicely the words, pics and videos. Passing this on.

  • Lord De Cross profile image

    Joseph De Cross 5 years ago

    SkeetyD , you said it so right! Imagery and words, cause a wonderful reaction through each and every reader's mind. Absolutely agreed!

    Mhatter99, we love your humor, and yeah! the catchy melody was there to lend us a hand. Nice to see you around, and thanks for joining us!

  • Lord De Cross profile image

    Joseph De Cross 5 years ago

    Vocalcoah, your words mean a lot coming from a person who is involved with music and sound. I guess it was in our blood, and we just finally let it out. Much appreciated for your kind laudations.

    Always exploring, aww! Thanks for the best wishes. You feel like keeping so much excitement away from the public, but sometimes you just feel like sharing it! Writing is easier this way, and we know it so well!

  • Lord De Cross profile image

    Joseph De Cross 5 years ago

    Mary615, there was no other way, when you feel so much love around your existence. Thanks so much for your kind words. Muses come in a minute, and we cannot stop them from taking over!

    Ignugent17, yeah! all was said in over an hour, and the rest fell perfectly on the final draft. Thanks!

    billybuc, you bet it was written with so much feelings. The words explained themselves. The song was around in our head for 30 yrs. Thanks my friend!

  • Lord De Cross profile image

    Joseph De Cross 5 years ago

    Cyndi10, was hard enough to be up to 4a.m. before hitting the "publish" button. Thanks for your words that mean a lot!

    Kj force, humbly appreciated by those Swiss candy wishes from your side of the world. Hope you are doing fine as well. Thanks my friend; you always writing very emotional words in every comment!

  • Lord De Cross profile image

    Joseph De Cross 5 years ago

    Faith Reaper, this is more than just inspiration. The vivid images are felt to the point of boiling certain areas in our common "sense." Thanks so much for your best wishes dear friend.

  • Lord De Cross profile image

    Joseph De Cross 5 years ago

    Vellur, so well described! Thanks for reading this love story in a hub!

    Janine Huldie, we write and we never know the final work. Is fun and we really have a good time writing. Thanks dear friend!

  • Mhatter99 profile image

    Martin Kloess 5 years ago from San Francisco

    This isn't fair! You can't write a great poem like this and top it off with highly meaningful (for me) song. I wish at least half the adventure as when that song broke through my car radio. Thank you.

  • SkeetyD profile image

    SkeetyD 5 years ago from Barbados

    This poem is truly a work of art. Your muse is certainly legendary! Your words flow seamlessly and invoke vivid imagery. Great job!

  • always exploring profile image

    Ruby Jean Fuller 5 years ago from Southern Illinois

    Beautiful.. The video is marvelous and goes so well with your poetry. Look's like you have a keeper Joseph. Best wishes..Cheers.

  • vocalcoach profile image

    Audrey Hunt 5 years ago from Nashville Tn.

    Absolutely awesome! Your words flow like fine wine. And a current of rhythm weaves its own beauty. Up and more and definitely sharing. Thank you, oh gifted Lord.

  • billybuc profile image

    Bill Holland 5 years ago from Olympia, WA

    Excuse me, but I need to go take a cold shower! That was one exquisite poem/song/lyrics....whatever, it was passionate and hot and sang to all overs everywhere. Great job Joseph! Now, that shower......

  • profile image

    ignugent17 5 years ago

    A Lovely poem and romantic! :-)

  • mary615 profile image

    Mary Hyatt 5 years ago from Florida

    I love a good love poem, and this one is really good, Lord. I enjoyed reading the sweet, sensitive side of your creativity.

    I voted this Hub UP, etc. and I will share.

  • kj force profile image

    kjforce 5 years ago from Florida

    LordDeCross..words from your heart..written for your sweet...and shared with the opening a new box of Swiss chocolate treats...hmmm relish the aura..thanks for sharing, beautiful , your are both very lucky...

  • Cyndi10 profile image

    Cynthia B Turner 5 years ago from Georgia

    Awesome! It's hard to say much more after that.

  • Faith Reaper profile image

    Faith Reaper 5 years ago from southern USA

    It is nice to be inspired, especially during work, which would really be a nice surprise by the lovely melody and the love that is in the air. And to have the "wedding song" too in the air! The addition of the sweet "thang," sounds like you have been to the south. Ha. Congrats to you and your lovely lady. I know you will let us all know of the day when the actual wedding bells shall ring. One can read your excitement that is in you through your words. Very delightful - "The Melody of Love." Videos are great. God bless. In His Love, Faith Reaper

  • Janine Huldie profile image

    Janine Huldie 5 years ago from New York, New York

    Wow, so very steamy and passionate. Awesome poem Joseph and you always have a way with your words. Have voted and shared as always!!

  • Vellur profile image

    Nithya Venkat 5 years ago from Dubai

    Passionate and beautifully described - Warm feelings and entwined hearts in love.