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The menace in the dark

Updated on July 20, 2014

A place where I can be, where I can swim through my sorrows,

As I live in a place that doesn't accept me, I can not bare to love,

I fake my life with a tolerance of being another narrow-minded foe,

With the break of day, I sting my heart with a plague, and to hide the evidence of my own demise my bare hand is covered with a glove,

To seek truth in this life is like dreaming with my eyes open in reality,

When the darkness falls, I will burn the bridges to this fraud life,

Run into the darkness , and hide the truth from the wayward and find normality

As I turn my life upside right, The air will become breathable and not jagged as a knife,

The only life left to live is in the darkness, and to find the light we must begin with finding the truth in light,

In the darkest place, the intensity of life will be fought hard, and with each battle will unleash the menace in the dark.


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