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The amazing Cleo, a cat that saved a family

Updated on May 30, 2014
Helen Brown uses her life experiences to produce a New York Time's Bestseller, Cleo.
Helen Brown uses her life experiences to produce a New York Time's Bestseller, Cleo. | Source

Cleo: The Cat Who Mended a Family is a touching story that will make you laugh while crying at the same time. Helen Brown released the book and 2009, and surprisingly Cleo is a real-life member of her family. Cleo is a tale of a family who goes through a parent's worst nightmare, but finds love again in the form of the kitten.

When Cleo was first introduced into the home, the family wanted nothing to do with her. Helen Brown, also the main character, loses her son Sam shortly after his tenth birthday, and the pet was meant to be his birthday present. While the family is still grieving, the kitten arrives on Helen's doorstep, but before she can reject the kitten, her son Rob has fallen in love with it.

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Cleo finds many ways to get the families minds off the sadness that is taking over their lives. Helen finds it hard to object kitten who she believes is a part of her departed son. The family goes through good bit of heartache throughout the story, but Cleo is there every step of the way to lighten the mood. Even she grows older, Cleo finds ways to bring happiness into the families lives.

The novel tells the story of love, loss, and second chances. Cleo gave Helen a second chance at life, and Helen gave Cleo a family that loved her endlessly. The love Cleo brings into the Brown's life is an inspiring story that is often overlooked by those who have animals. After reading this story, you want to go and hold your pet tight.


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