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The money is real life

Updated on September 12, 2017

The peoples of all country of any religion,

run behind money to earn and satisfy the unlimited dreams and desires.

The money is a paper's made even then it is worthy,

No one have the enough satisfaction.

If it is hundred they want to make thousand, if it is thousand they want to make lakh,

If it is lakh they want to make crore, and the cycle runs all over.

Some achieve it through good deeds, some indulge in bad deeds.

Everyone here are busy in collecting as more they earn before their death,

The tensions are created due to money, the mansion are created due to money anyone had no time to took a silence breath.

The people became big due to money, the people became poor due to money,

even they kills each other due to money.

So the real life is what people considered a successful life as money.


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