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The monster's endless nonsense... Narassicist/Sociopath Abuse Poems Part 2

Updated on October 11, 2014

Love and Hate abuse cycle

Why do I waste my breath?

This pain, this sick and twisted love hate mind game...

I'm sorry my dear there's nothing left...

I gave you all of my heart, but you just

kept taking and taking as it bled away to it's excruciating death.


Thank you for the heart ache and tears

the mind games and superficial fears.

Thanks for the past few years...

The doubts, the lies, the fights, the many Hi's and goodbye's...

This is Goodbye for good...

Goodbye my liar, lover, hater, alcoholic, narcissistic..... DEAR!

Don't you wonder why you feel so small inside?

Apologize?... Nah why?

You'd rather criticize- minimize-

downsize anything in me to build yourself up

because you feel so small inside that your true feelings are what you continue to hide.

Drown in alcohol daily, yet claim to wake up with pride.

Always telling me about all my troubles, HA... sweetie snap out of your

own little bubble, come back down to earth!

Connect with me again, or else

my you're just not worth!

Let things be what they'll be,

Don't ever forget your value and worth.

From the moment of your birth until the day you die

time flies by faster than the blink of an eye.

Been wasting too many nights awake wondering why?

I can't help you.... so alone I sit and cry...

The bottles that surround you could stack up to the sky.

Why do you need to drown and fade away in poison?



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