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The morning time

Updated on July 11, 2011

Dawn harkens

Swiftly tilting

Centered around a single point

From whence it all came

To Fruition from nothing.

Colors changing, blending and becoming whole

Winds blowing to and fro

Landscapes coming into view

as the morning time rises.

Acorns chattering down a tree

Gentle blue jays singing a choral

The brook bubbling in the distance

Multiple wind chimes playing their own melody

Initial java brewing to perfection

The morning meal dancing in the nostrils of youth

Fresh flowers adorning the breakfast aroma

The fragrance of dawn bringing us to reality


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    • Indie Novelist profile image

      Indie Novelist 6 years ago

      Really enjoyed this! I LOVE the outdoors, so really made me smile. You have a way with words for sure.

    • wolfmonk profile image

      wolfmonk 6 years ago from Derry,NH

      Thank you for your kind words! I do enjoy writing. I hope you enjoy future blogs. keep posted

    • profile image

      september girl 5 years ago

      I could just see it...all the things you described. Even down to smelling the morning coffee...ah! there is nothing quite like the morning. : ) Great poem!

    • wolfmonk profile image

      wolfmonk 5 years ago from Derry,NH

      Thank you! I am glad that you enjoyed it. Nothing does smell quite like the morning.

    • profile image

      writer20 5 years ago

      Your poem is wonderful, the bubbling brook and birds singing sounded beautiful.

    • wolfmonk profile image

      wolfmonk 5 years ago from Derry,NH

      Thank you! I really liked the picture it paints.

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