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The Narrow Path Is Rough

Updated on August 27, 2017

narrow or broad

In a world of fantasies

Where decency is undervalue at the expense of indecency

Knowing the path of light can be a daunting task.

One that will require a lot of inner wisdom, vision and direction,

There is no fail-proof way as it were.

Do your best and live the rest for posterity to take care: may be considered an old school adage nowadays.

Now it is something like; believe in yourself above all things else.

In case you don't know this,

There is a place in yonder where the old ways hold true,

It is easier to see in the dark, the hidden movement that goes on in the underworld.

There is a coven where the curve that causes the fall is woven.

So beware of what you are skeptical about, and know very little of.

The narrow path brings life, comfort and contentment without limitations.

The path of life is divinely, inspired from within spreading without like the air.

The mind is a treasure, given for the pleasure therein.

Keeping it cool with living proofs speaks volume instead of bragging,

Keep it smooth with the oil of happiness and glad tidings

When all is done, you’ll see the reward without regret

Keep going higher in the higher path of success until you and everyone get there.

There are different path of life and one has endless choices to make.

The broad way may not always be the best way to go in many instances, thereby making it pertinent to consider a good risk: " The narrow path".

The path of truth may be rough and narrow no doubt, but there's always an inner excitement that can not be ignored within, hence the reason why many will still go through, walk through the narrow path of life at the expense of the broad highway.

The narrowness of the path may be a camouflage to maintain the integrity of the path. Patience and perseverance are noble virtues imbibed by the narrow path takers. Life may be different thing to different people depending on the path each person takes.

Broadness of a path is an eye opener to a thinking mind. All that glitters are not gold, same goes with the path of life. Wisdom is an inner light in the path of posterity, whoever is fortunate to have her has more than what anyone can bargain for in life. The whole essence of life is a mystery hidden in earthen vessel that only the prudent in spirit can decipher.


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