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The Monster of the Lit House

Updated on October 26, 2010

What it is

to have light

between these two ears,

is to have a place

that is all to my self

but I'd willingly share

if anyone listened or even cared

I write a fair verse

or so I am told

But I'm not brighter lit

were you to think

that I am more then you.

I pass it on,

have it

its yours 

Now watch as your fellows

stand aside

misunderstand and deride

You don't feel much better 

then before

the only difference is the light

turning night to day

dull to gay.

Those with light

are not easy to love

they make the dark look darker

always rising above

seeing the world in ways

that hurt the soul to see

it is easier to say their crazy

then listen at times

and see as they see

if a light you would take

putting it between your ears

see what difference it makes

some say it is born to them

I say the light dims with mud

eaten or listened to

lived in, loved

It needs things to feed on

new ideas to chew

if you want your light go get it

a challenge to abjure


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