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The never ending story of Mad Apple Farmer Jack

Updated on March 3, 2013

Mad Apple Farmer Jack

A flock of souls
A flock of souls | Source

The beginning but never ending

This is a story that I have told many times to my kids and nieces and nephews and soon

my grand-kids. It seems to have an overwhelming “listen to factor”. I hope you enjoy it

because much of it may be true.

We first start of at the very beginning in the early 1800’s many people looking for a new life sacrificed all of their wealth and risked coming to the new land called America. This place almost seemed magical, local papers of the time in Europe and other places painted the place called America was the new land to start a new life. This couple from Germany with little money and big hearts and dreams decided to start a journey that would last forever. Their names were David and Mary Michel, they had grown up in a large town with many problems that big cities face in hard times. But they had truly become enthralled with the chance of leaving and starting over.

This is their story.

The trip was very uneventful almost boring in a large ship called the Ugly Tipster. They were locked into two rooms on the second level just above the motor room. The weather was cold and it was in the month of February in 1801. That room tended to remain somewhat warm do to the motor room with its high heat from the boilers and other machinery. The noise seems to be low and the rumbling almost seems to calm most of the people that had come with them. The bathroom was small but clean because everyone knew that it must be kept that way or all could be sick, they used vinegar to clean the toilet because it killed almost every germ but was kind to the human body.

The trip lasted for 39 days and by that time all were ready to get off of the boat except for one person Mary, she had this overwhelming feeling that something weird, dangerous or just crazy was going to happen in her life after she stepped off the boat. Although later she would reflect back on this day on her 50 birthday. But she was only 21 at the time a big step for a 21 year old. David had tried to reassure her that all would be OK; as she looked into David’s eyes and then glanced over his face she could see the nervousness. His skin instead of being glowing light tan she saw almost a pure white almost ghost like.

The big step was coming up with David almost caring her to the hallway that was damp but well lit. Mary called to David and said that she smelled worms, just like after a great rainstorm back home. David said that he smelled it to but dare not say that he really did not smell that and that he smelled oil and grease and fuel oil. David’s only goal was to get her off the ship and get started on their journey. He wanted to take a real bath in real hot water and then get some real food like his mother used to make. He needed to get her cleaned up so that she would feel better because David cared very much for Mary.

As all appeared out of the hallway it led to a door that had a low over hang that they all had to duck about 5 inches so that they all would not bump their head, David tapped his hand on the top of the ceiling saying to himself, I wish my family luck, for what he had wished for at that time would be not imaginable as to the scope of this great event.

The story of Mad Apple Farmer Jack was to begin.

This will be no normal story it will be an adventure into what may be real.

Stayed tuned for the next chapter,


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