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The Nine Labours

Updated on March 15, 2015

A fat plumber destined towards the 9th floor,

Enters the building through the door.

Aims for the lift but it turns out to be broken,

Now he had to stair his way in hope that his legs remain unbroken.

climbs the first floor with no hesitancy,

but the second one made him cry like he was still at the stage of infancy.

The third one makes his sweat flood out,

The fourth one almost makes him quite and walk out.

He stops for breathe and then returns to his errand,

Halfway through the fifth floor he hopes for death and becoming a legend.

But honest towards his job he carry’s on,

On the last step towards the sixth floor he shakes like a prawn.

Now on his way up to the seventh floor,

He starts to run as he is almost ashore.

Two more floors and that’s it,

He encourages himself by repeating this,

He climbs the eighth floor and feels bliss.

Halfway on the ninth floor he can see the customer’s door,

Finally completes his labours and sits on the floor.

He leans backward but suddenly the wall trembles,

It was the lift he had leaned backwards to and it was as fresh as a cucumber.

He asks “lift was broken I had read the sign’,

The rider replies “It was just a prank by someone”, the lift is just fine.



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