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The objects of your desire

Updated on July 29, 2012

The objects of your desire,

come from much higher, life

is like walking on a tight wire.

The objects of your desire,

burn inside you like fire, as

you imagine the treasures of

your heart and mind.

The objects of your desire,

await you in space, in time,

in the back doors to your mind.

The objects of your desire,

motivate you to go out to,

the garden of dreams and


So you can fulfill what you

feel and what you imagine to

be real.

The objects of your desire,

open up inside of you, and

as you see what you want

and what you need.

The one you love has all the

beauty and the fineness, richness

and kindness just as you see this

angel of a woman in the garden of

your dreams.

Just you and her standing in a warm

waterfall running down into the stream,

you can hear the sounds of the water and

bird's singing a sweet song.

As your hugging and kissing her lips,

cooling the desire of fire burning hearts.

The sun is gone, and night has come, in

the water as well as land, you play and

hold hands with the one you love.

And as the hot summer night is upon you,

and the beauty of the stars lights shine

down upon you, you are making love

in the warm sandy beach.

You hold the treasure of what?

You desire, it is love, yes, love

The beauty of an angel imagine

by you. You found her in your

garden of dreams and fantasies,

waiting for you.

The objects of your desire,

is what ever you imagine it

to be and in the back doors

of your mind, your desire will

come to you, be they real or

just a dream to you.

About the poem

The object of your desire is based on a man's inner emotions and thoughts when he is with a beautiful woman. It's about how much a man can love a woman when he finds the right person. The passion from within burns like a candle and in the back doors of your mind they will appear to be real, if only for a moment or second when you are cradled together.

Note : Protected by copyright. Cannot be copied, or reproduced without the sole permission of the author.


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    • Deborah Brooks profile image

      Deborah Brooks Langford 5 years ago from Brownsville,TX

      wow this poem really moved me.. My favorite poems are love poems romantic love poems.. this left me breathless

      I am sharing on Facebook

      I am Deborah Brooks langford on Facebook

      Welcome to The Hub..

    • Eric Powell Jones profile image

      Eric Powell Jones 5 years ago from West Coast

      Thank you Carly for your support and appreciation.

    • Eric Powell Jones profile image

      Eric Powell Jones 5 years ago from West Coast

      Thanks for the appreciation.

    • CarlySullens profile image

      CarlySullens 5 years ago from St. Louis, Missouri

      Very powerful and moving.

    • AEvans profile image

      Julianna 5 years ago from SomeWhere Out There

      Wow! Absolutely speechless on this one Eric, its beautiful! God bless you with words. Thumbs up and shared! :)