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The old man and the Dog-a Story Touched Millions

Updated on November 8, 2011

The old man and the dog

A touching story took place in a small town in the Shandong Province, China a few years ago. The story was shoot by a DV reporter of, one of the largest online video sharing sites and touched the hearts of hundreds of thousands of chinese netizens.

The story goes like this: when the man was 18, he worked in cold water to harvest reed in order to weave something in exchange of money. The man worked in the cold water for so long that he got paralyzed. He found he could not get up and bound to the bed ever since. He wanted to kill himself but no one could bring him knife or pills. At last, he decided to live anyway. He found his two hands could move, so he thought he could do something to survive. He weaved something to sell and he bought a radio with the money. He fiddled with this and soon he taught himself how to fix it. Later on, he gradually learned how to fix small appliances like black and white TV set.

the old man and the dog

the old man and the dog
the old man and the dog

How the dog helped him

He raised a dog and named it HEI ZI. There were 3 marketplaces nearby and the dog would drag him to the places. He went to 8 markeplaces every 10 days. He went there to fix small appliances for people and make some money. The dog lived 12 years but in the duty for 11 years. No matter how was the weather, HEIZI never delayed in his work. Sometimes when the dog dragged him to the places, some other dogs would try to attack the old man, but HEIZI never let the old man got hurt. One night in July 2000, a heavy rainfall changed the road into mud and water overnight. Because of the slippery road, the cart turned over and there was no one for help. HEI ZI miraculously broke the iron chain and went to his brother’s home. HZI ZI took the old man’s brother to the spot and he got saved.
However, HEI ZI got seriously ill and after 3 days of ineffective curing, died. The man said, he could never be the man he is today if it wasn’t for the dog. He made a small tomb for HEI ZI and often visit it. The video story posted on the internet and netizens asked what is his wish? The old man said he wanted to visit Beijing and watch a flag raising ceremoney. Some netizens gathered money and took him to Beijing and fulfilled his dream.

The video


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    • profile image

      Safura Ain Safaruddin 5 years ago

      Great that someone got the story out

    • jeremejazz profile image

      Jereme Causing 6 years ago from Philippines

      reminds me of hachiko