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The One I Cannot Forget

Updated on July 1, 2017

She is the one I cannot forget

how hard I tried, in vain

memories become clear as crystal

with each passing day.

Sound of her, smile of her

pains me more than ever

as I try to forget.

Regret kills me, when I think

of all those years, in

which I didn't have the courage.

At last when I had,

It was too late, as someone

afore me won the place.

Still I think of her as,

the one I cannot have.

So little memories I have,

though precious like a pearl,

locked deep in my heart.

The thought of her pretty hair,

falling to her face,

in a gentle breeze

still strike a chill through

my tender heart.

Though I know its impossible,

but the hope for that day

linger in me everyday, like a

red hot iron close to my heart.


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