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The pharmaceutical industry

Updated on August 8, 2013

A billion dollar business
the pharma industry
but not there to heal
the likes of you and me

Corrupt and careless
in their trade
only because
of the dollars made

Children on hard drugs
a common thing
to subdue their being
so they won’t sing

Anti depressives
for those in need
no matter how many
just ask and receive

The doctor the doctor
the local pusher man
just tell him what you want
you’ll get it there and then

If you have a headache
or some other pain
just take some more pills
and it will go away

But will you get better?
Will you heal?
Or is it just
the pain you don’t feel?

The human body
can heal itself
without all those pills
stacked on that shelf

We have that ability
but most forgot
so we take the pills
but heal we do not



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