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The purpose of the Touch

Updated on April 9, 2012

For what is the finger

watch what we do

care how it falls

what rises

what changes

touch a flower it wilts

butterfly falls

grass troden

the wild reject our scent

the sky returns our filth to us

the water brings again our sins to our shores

have you considered

looked at your hand in awe

in horror

in concern

what is your touch

to what is it best for?

touch a life it flurishes

touch a heart it blossums

touch a society they come alive

keep your hands to yourselves

it serves your kind best

the rest answer only to their master

and those by oath

sworn to do his will without question

all others need not apply.


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    • Jaggedfrost profile image

      Jaggedfrost 5 years ago

      I would think it is because most people are not single minded. This is never more true then when they share touch. In my experience in message for instance, When I am present in the moment and focused on the individual I am assisting everything I wish for them comes across. Gaining that level of focus occasionally is difficult. Watching others go through the motions with much more variant levels of success convinces me that this is a lot more difficult then my mind says it aught to be.

    • Nellieanna profile image

      Nellieanna Hay 5 years ago from TEXAS

      Ah - good point. But why should it be? Isn't a sincere motive communicated through a matching touch? Of course, where there's a conflict between the real motive and ant different one in the action - conflict is the message. Body language has a way of saying what is really so, rather than any other message which is intended to be imposed upon it. In any case, animals and small children can almost always detect a mismatch.

    • Jaggedfrost profile image

      Jaggedfrost 5 years ago

      Nellieanna I should think so. It then behooves us to make sure our touch has the motive we intend. Much easier said then done I am afraid.

    • Nellieanna profile image

      Nellieanna Hay 5 years ago from TEXAS

      I see those points and they're well taken. However, I think of the gentle, loving touch of a mother or the strong, reassuring touch of a father; the tender. caressessing touch of a lover.

      It's all about motive isn't it? Or, as your title says - purpose. And isn't that what determines most things and actions? They're neutral till people or persons give them their meaning.

    • Jaggedfrost profile image

      Jaggedfrost 5 years ago

      Thank you, I think I will.

    • nikkijohntan profile image

      Nikki John 5 years ago from USA

      Nice poem, I really enjoyed your poem. please keep on posting.

    • Jaggedfrost profile image

      Jaggedfrost 5 years ago

      Thank you very much. Your more then welcome to advertise for me. Heaven knows I haven't the time as of yet.

    • jhamann profile image

      Jamie Lee Hamann 5 years ago from Reno NV

      A very potent poem! I think more need to read this. Jamie