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The Return of HELLRAISER; My review of the new Hellraiser comic from Boom!

Updated on March 25, 2011

Before writing my last hub titled The High Cost of Comics, I had actually not picked up a comic or even ventured toward my local Comic Shop since the beginning of December of 2010. I finally entered through the door of my local comics shop two weeks ago now...and not for a comic book but rather for the latest Fat Pack from Wizards of the Coast latest Magic the Gathering card set, "Mirrodin Besieged" and while in the shop I decided to just take a slow walk around the place. For me, it was a sort of test, and I actually passed it because I only left the shop with just the Fat Pack...but there was a little something that managed to catch my eye.

There was a small book mark that was advertising a new was Clive Barker's return to the one story that he is most closely associated with...Hellraiser! Of course this is not the first Hellraiser comic, but this particular comic book, plus the return of Barker was luring me back into the realm of the comic book. It would take me two whole days before I finally walked throught the doors of that darned comic shop and started to look throught the shelves for one particular comic.

I bypassed the release of the new FF redux ( of course if you are a FF fan, then you know of the death of Johnny Storm, and his replacement on the team with Spiderman, in a pretty cool white suit ) and the usual gaggle of Batman titles and Spiderman and Hulk titles for just one book and you know which one it was correct?

So, I came home with issue #1 of Boom comics new Hellraiser series, written by...drum roll please...Clive Barker & Christopher Monfette, with art by Leonardo Manco.

"Hell begins on the day when God grants us a clear vision of all that we might have achieved, of all the gifts which we have wasted, of all that we might have done which we did not do. "--Gian Carlo Menotti, and thus begins the first page, panel one of this opening shots of Pinhead or any of the other Cenobites, but you know that eventually they will appear and appear they do...with a vengeance, and with them comes all of the blood and gore associated with the Cenobites and their special little side of Hell. Pinhead wants to become hum,an ( for some reason this sounds and looks vaguely familiar ) but forget that, the imagery that takes place in each panel of this twenty two page, no ads storyline made me pretty happy...if your waiting for me to say the phrase put a smile on my face ...forget that! Sorry, but the images are pretty graphic which of course you should be expecting from a comic titled Hellraiser, but it was more. The dialog and some of the scenes could only be a part of this horrific and bloody world, with one series of panels featuring Pinhead, seated at a demonic organ, speaking to dead. Torn and bloody corpses holding a demonic and diabolical conversation, as he speaks to them of his need for a new experience...the experience of the Flesh .

This is opening storyline is being billed as the "Last Pinhead" storyline, but of course I'm really not sure of this. But what I am sure of is that for the $3.99 that I spent on the particular comic, I'm pretty happy with the expense and the end result of what many Barker and Hellraiser horror fanatics will find to be a great opening salvo to what may be a new hit title for Boom Comics, and the only competition that I believe this comic has at the moment is a certain comic from DC comic's Vertigo imprint line titled John Constantine, Hellblazer, and only time will be the judge of this comment...but I am standing by it.

So, what's that you say...Zombies? To hell with those Zombies, watch out for those sinister and evil Cenobites.


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