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Poem- silk cotton tree

Updated on May 18, 2012
Silk cotton in full bloom
Silk cotton in full bloom | Source

I have a huge silk cotton tree behind my house which becomes a place where it is kind of riot, colors, insects, bees, birds which last for a month or so in winter.

Huge silk tree behind home

regal and majestic

rising high with ambition

trunk and branches many expression

many alphabets in blue sky

or a river with tributaries in static flow

or a vertical road towards heaven

many streets and alleys

constancy in midst of continuous changes

Eagle at top looking down on all

sits alone, no play, no fun, no mate

feels supreme in a lonely world

nearby a mid size tree of mango

slum of thickly populated tiny birds

Come morning they erupt in chorus

a welcome song for the day

so much of noises or music

chee chee chee chee

planning, haggling or fighting for resources?

Eagle watching with a scorn on face

slum dwellers could not care less

busy in high voltage bonhomie.

Come evening

play time, fun on overdrive.

Tiny birds take a flight in crowded columns

up and up, descending then up again

from one tree to another

resting for a while back with more vigor

derived from all pervasive air

changing life with transition of the day

eagle still there morning till evening.

Start of winter Silk tree sheds its foliage

now all bone and skeleton

come Jan, naked branches

bare body and limbs dotted with ornaments

covered with countless marbles

of green buds with plum color life

kids holding parents’ finger.

In Feb flaming red at top crown

a striking blaze of crimson
look, it is all red suddenly

red fire in azure sky

natures’ grand bouquet

annual festival and celebration

Childhood memories coming back

Silk tree in pond temple complex

I used to pick up a bud.

Oh! How we made tops with buds

sight and smell takes me to village

My fondest of all the memories.


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